Yale University

אורים ותמים (urim v'tumim)/ Lux et veritas  ("Licht und Perfektion"/ "Licht und Wahrheit")
אוריםותמים (urim v'tumim)/ lux et veritas
(“light and perfection”/“light and truth”)

the Yale University, usually only briefly Yale mentioned, is a private university in new Haven (Connecticut). As one of the oldest and most renowned universities of the United Statesfrom America Yale is member of the so-called Ivy League.

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the Yale university is after the Harvard University in bad clay/toneand the college OF William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia the third-oldest American university mechanism and 1701 were created as Collegiate School of Abraham Pierson in Killingworth (Connecticut ).

1716 moved the Collegiate School after new Haven and became 1718 due to an extensive donation of Elihu Yale in Yale college renamed.

In 19. Century was extended the college by a row resuming institutions, so the Yale Medical School (1810), the Yale Divinity School (1822), the Yale Law School (1843), the Yale Graduate School OFKind and Sciences (1847), the Sheffield Scientific School (1861), and the Yale School OF Fine kind (1869).

1887 were renamed the general complex of these institutions in Yale University, whereby Yale college the official name for the so-called undergraduate range thatUniversity became.

Further Graduate Schools, which was since then created or attached the university, is public the Yale School OF music (1894), the Yale School OF Forestry & Environmental Studies (1901), the Yale School OF Health (1915), the YaleSchool OF only-sing (1923), and the Yale School OF management (1976).

Although the Graduate Schools accepted for a long time students of both sexes, Yale college was reserved until 1969 only male student.

directors/conductors of the Collegiate School, the Yale college andthe Yale University

rectors of the Yale college bear-died years as a rector
1 The Rev. Abraham Pierson (1641-1707) (1701-1707)
2 The Rev. Samuel Andrew (1656-1738) (1707-1719) (per tempore)
3 The Rev. Timothy Cutler (1684-1765) (1719-1726)
4 The Rev. Elisha William (s) (1694-1755) (1726-1739)
5 The Rev. Thomas Clap (1703-1767) (1740-1745)
president of the Yale college bear-died years as a president
1 The Rev. Thomas Clap (1703-1767) (1745-1766)
2 The Rev. Naphtali Daggett (1727-1780) (1766-1777) (per tempore)
3 The Rev. Ezra of style (1727-1795) (1778-1795)
4 Timothy Dwight IV. (1752-1817) (1795-1817)
5 Jeremiah Day (1773-1867) (1817-1846)
6 Theodore Dwight Woolsey (1801-1899) (1846-1871)
7 Noah Porter III (1811-1892) (1871-1886)
8 Timothy Dwight V (1828-1916) (1886-1899)
9 Arthur Twining Hadley (1856-1930) (1899-1921)
10 James Rowland Angell (1869-1949) (1921-1937)
11 Charles Seymour (1885-1963) (1937-1951)
12 Alfreds Whitney Griswold (1906-1963) (1951-1963)
13 Kingman Brewster, Jr. (1919-1988) (1963-1977)
14 Hanna getting fount Gray (1930 -) (1977-1977) (acting)
15 A. Bartlett Giamatti (1938-1989) (1977-1986)
16 Benno C. Schmidt, Jr. (1942 -) (1986-1992)
17 Howard R. Lamar (1923 -) (1992-1993) (acting)
18 smelling pool of broadcasting corporations C. Levin (1947 -) (1993 -)

student combinations

at the Yale university have well-known student combinations their seat carrier. In addition Skull & Bones, Scroll and key, Wolf's Head, Book and Snake and Berzelius belong. Over these combinations some conspiracy theories and doubtful information are available.

prominent students

the list shows only a very small part of the political and economically high-ranking personalities at the Yale university. An extensive list is to find on the English Wikipedia side. (see left)

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