Mt. Yasur, Vanuatu
Mt. Yasur, Vanuatu
of the Mt. Yasur is on the island Tanna in the archipelago Vanuatu in the south Pacific.

With its 361 m height it ranks among the smallest active volcanos of the world, in addition it is considered as the most easily mountable active volcano of the world. The foot march from at the closest convenient Resort to the summit lasts less than one hour.

The volcano may be mounted only under native guidance, besides is a small fee to pay, which serves the care of the volcanic area. At the Kraterrand arrived, the visitor an impressive play, if the volcano discharges every few minutes under Donnergrollen smoke clouds, is offered often with lava accompanied.
Eruption des Mt. Yasur
Eruption of the Mt. Yasur

in October 1992 was furnished a seismic station, which last announced intensified activities of the volcano in the autumn 2002. Later the number of eruptions sank however the normal approx. 500 per day.

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