the Yawl is a sailing boat, it resembles the Ketsch, only here the mizzenmast stands outside of the Wasserlinie and is i.d.R. clearly more briefly (max. 50% of the grossmastes) as that the Ketsch. The Besan is schot due to very far aft the standing mizzenmastfrequently led across a tail arm. Yawls have usually a more elegant alignment and Takelung than a Ketsch, since the grossmast can stand further aft and more area for Vorsegel is present. One calls Ketsch and Yawl also 1 ½ - master. The grossmast of you can as is the case for the Ketsch 7/8, topp or kuttergetakelt its.


In the drawn example the Yawl is kuttergetakelt, since she drives more than 1 Vorsegel. And it has a Partialrigg (it are “7/8” - getakelt). Furthermore it drives to high or Bermudasegel. The achtere mast (mizzenmast) drivesno Vorstag, but it has a Jumpstagspreize and a Jumpstage.

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YAWL is besides an acronym for Yet Another Workflow LANGUAGE


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