Yorkshire is a steeped in tradition and at the same time the largest of the 39 traditional counties of England. Yorkshire was divided 1974 into the parts of north, east and west Yorkshire (until 1974: “Ridings” from the old-Norwegian þriðing, “third part”, an inheritance of the Scandinavian settlers of the ninth century). Besidesthe metropolitan County South Yorkshire was created at that time.

Die traditionelle Grafschaft Yorkshire
The traditional county Yorkshire

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1974 became Yorkshire into the new counties west Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, EastRiding OF Yorkshire and South Yorkshire divided and covers the urban areas (Unitary Authorities) Leeds, York and Sheffield (although Barnsley the administrative centre south Yorkshires was). The earlier East Riding was slammed shut the new administrative district Humberside (as far as possible the urban area of cladding), during Middlesbrough andthe neighboring districts as southern part of Cleveland were administered. A part of the North Riding was integrated into the administrative district Durham, parts of the west Riding went.

The urban districts in west and South Yorkshire were abolished as administrative units 1986 and integrated into the existing administrative territories,likewise Humberside and Cleveland. The city York was raised to the administrative seat, also parts of the past district of North Yorkshire were included.

As new administrative unit the region Yorkshire and the Humber was created.

The administrative district Yorkshire is about 15,000 square kilometers large and covers a population ofabout 5 million inhabitants.

coat of arms

Das Wappen von Yorkshire
the coat of arms of Yorkshire

the coat of arms Yorkshires is the white rose house of the York, as regional holiday becomes Yorkshire Day at the 1. August celebrates. Even its own “hymn” of the county (rather however a Volkssong) exists.


Landschaftlich is Yorkshire very variedly. In the west, adjacent on Lancashire, the Yorkshire Dales (see “other languages”) is, mountains from sandstone with partly very schroffen rock landscapes, moorlands and large pasturelands for sheep, quite high for English yardsticks, from pictorialWalls partitioned from unbehauenen stones (Dry Stone barrier) exist. These walls determine the picture of the Yorkshire Dales. Admits became this landscape by the novels of James Herriot, which also in Germany under the title “the doctor and the dear cattle” are very popular, even asTV serial, which is regularly repeated. East of it, up to the coast of the North Sea is the North York of moorland, the Dales similar an extremely pictorial landscape.


  • Leeds is the undisputed economical center Yorkshires. The city is hardly particularly beautiful to call, accommodatedbut some the most exclusive business and shopping centres of England.
  • York is the historical center. Towered above of one of the largest gothical cathedrals of the world, the York Minster, the pictorial framework old part of town, which is surrounded by a still nearly completely received Stadtmauer, still lies their origins into the timethe Roman rule over England decrease/go back.
  • From routistic interest are besides the cities and municipalities Skipton, Harrogate (accommodates the singular Betty's Tearoom), Settle, grass singing clay/tone and Pateley Bridge.


the only larger airport Yorkshires lies between Bradford and Leeds. There are flightsfrom Germany (z. B. Frankfurt - Amsterdam - Leeds). The Eisenbahnnetz is for the sixties in partially somewhat marodem condition, it however efforts is undertaken to make it again more attractive. A routistic and historical highlight is certainly the Settle and Carlisle Railway, onelandschaftlich distance by the Yorkshire Dales, partially dramatically lain.


Leeds resident a football crew, moreover is Yorkshire admits for the quantity the horse running delivered there. The centers of the English gallopp haven lie in Newmarket with Cambridge, in Epsom and in Ascot,the last classical author of the English running yearly, the “pc. Casually " however in Doncaster (affectionately Donnie called) one delivers. In addition Middleham is in the Yorkshire Dales an important training center of English racing. Otherwise in Yorkshire much Cricket is played. The vernacular says that from Yorkshire the “best”Cricket players from England to come and in former times also only native ones in the clubs to play were allowed.


the dialect spoken in Yorkshire is called “Tyke” like also the inhabitants of the county. As social stereotyped the inhabitant Yorkshires tends to a plate cap accompanied ofa running dog.

The county Yorkshire has its own people dance, a sword dance named Long Sword, which is singular in England.

The North York of moorland was the homeland of Charlotte and Emily Brontë.



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