Young bend

David Darnell Brown (* 15. March 1981, Nashville, threshing floor lake, the USA), better admits than Young bends, is called translates young moose and/or recent dollar, is US-more American course TA RWSby and member of the RWS's group G-unit.

Young bend buildup in Nashville (that it calls in its songs Cashville) - Tenessee and began already with 12 years to black horses. With 16 years bends the chance for the president of cash got Moneys label to by-form. It convinced immediately and pulled after new Orleans. That was 1997 and the cash Money of millionaires was still far away from its Bling Bling status it today enjoys. After which it waited four years in vain for its money, he decided home to return. Hardly home one returned Brown in his dwelling twice angeschossen. On its following routes in New York it met 50 cent and its crew. Because they understood themselves immediately well and because Young bend as a good colleague proved as 50 cent to angeschossen became, bends a member became the G unit. Its first solo album carries Underground volume for the names thereafter followed Straight Outta Ca$hville there following N.W.A.s Straight Outta Compton.Straight Outta Ca$hville contains productions of Dr. Dre, Eminem and Lil Jon. In addition the debut of guest appearances contains of the G unit of members 50 cent, Lloyd bank and further southern Hip Hop Grössen.Einen large scandal caused Young bends, when it was involved in a Messterstecherei with the Vibe Awards to 17.11.2004 and thereupon without trace disappeared. Meanwhile it has however the court more posed on probation condemned itself.

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albums (with single uncoupling)

  • Thuggin' Til The end (with D-Tay), 2000
  • Straight Outta Ca$hville, 2004
    • “Let ME in”
    • “Look RK ME Now” (feat. Kon Artis)
    • “Shorty Wanna Ride”
  • T.I.P. (taken up 2003), 2005
  • bath Influence, 2006 (announced)

“Featuring” Young bend

GET smell Or the Tryin' (of 50 cent)

  • 2003 “Blood Hound” (50 cent feat. Young bend)

The hunger For More (of Lloyd bank)

  • 2004 “Work Magic” (Lloyd bank feat. Young bend)

GET smell Or the Tryin' O.S.T. (of 50 cent)

  • 2005 “I'll Whip Ya Head Boy” (50 cent feat. Young bend)
  • 2005 “You Already Know” (Lloyd bank feat. 50 cent & Young bend)
  • 2005 “Don't Need NO Help” (Young bend)

Ghetto Bill (of master P)

  • 2005 “Yappin'" (master P feat. Young bend)

Let's GET It: Thug motivation 101 (of Young Jeezy)

  • 2005 “load OF A Dying Breed” (Young Jeezy feat. Trick Daddy, Young bend & Lil' wants)

Most Known Unknown (of Three 6 mafia)

  • 2005 “Stay Fly” (Three 6 mafia feat. Young bend, Eightball & MJG)

The measure acre (of 50 cent)

King (of T.I.)

  • 2006 “Undertaker” (T.I. feat. Young bend & Young Dro)

Blood Money (of Mobb Deep)

  • 2006 “Give It ton of ME” (Mobb Deep feat. Young bend)

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