Yul Brynner

Yul Brynner (Russian ЮлБриннер, wiss. Transliteration July Brinner; * 11. July 1920 (date of birth according to documents in Swiss federal archives E4264/1988/2 [P98609]) in Wladiwostok, Russia; † 10. October 1985 in New York town center) was Russian Mongolian Swiss - US- American actor, guitarist and singer.

It was born as a son of a Swiss of Mongolian inventor as well as Swiss of consul in Russia (Boris Brynner) and a Russian physician daughter (Marussia Blagowidowa). It had the citizen right of the Swiss municipality Möriken Wildegg, Aargau. Because of his Mongolian descent calledit itself occasionally Taidje Khan. On Swiss side the family is related to the people Jeni, why Yul Brynner supported the Romani union and the wheel cooperative of the highway.

After the father left the family into the 1930er years, Brynners nut/mother with him pulledfirst to China, later to Paris, where he visited an elite boarding school, from which it was however soon out-thrown. Brynner pierced itself in the following years as zirkusartist of kind ofcircus, member of a gypsy orchestra and a singer. Its melancholische voice is to be admired 1956 in Anastasia. Since it lived 1940 in the USA.

It played its most beautiful roles in the 50's: The mysterious, eastern king in the king and I, the Pharao Ramses into the ten requirements and the heroful and likewise geheimnisumwitterten Chris in the cult film glorious filters.

Its participation in public causes of the Romani union in the 1970er and 1980-he 1980 strengthened the self-confident its in that time for the first time the Roma forming in own political organizations, why he was appointed in their organizations the honour member.

1985 died Brynner at cancer of the lungs,before it could be treated among other things in Langenhagen with Hanover. Before its death it still arose in a publicity film against smoking .

Record of Russian Volkslieder it brought its only , however hear-worth in as guitarist and a singer together with Serge Camps .


  • 1956 - The king and I (The King and I)
  • 1956 - the ten requirements (The Ten Commandments)
  • 1956 - Anastasia (Anastasia)
  • 1958 - the brothers Karamasov (The Brothers Karamazov)
  • 1958 - king of the Freibeuter (The Buccaneer)
  • 1959 - Salomon and the queen of Saba (Solomon and Sheba)
  • 1959 - the journey (The Journey)
  • 1960 - glorious filters (The Magnificent Seven)
  • the 1961 - love it Brahms? (Goodbye Again)
  • 1962 -Taras Bulba (Taras Bulba)
  • 1962 - escape from Zahrain (escape from Zahrain)
  • 1963 - kings of the sun (Kings OF the Sun)
  • 1964 - we wait 1964 - meeting place for two pistols in
  • Ashiya (Flight from Ashiya) (Invitation ton of A Gunfighte)
  • 1966 - the shade of the giants (Cast A Giant Shadow)
  • 1966 - the return glorious filters (Return OF the Seven)
  • of the 1967 - feeler gauge between two fronts (tripolarize CROSS)
  • 1969 - the battle onthe Neretva (Bitka well Neretvi)
  • 1969 - the trace leads 1969 - Magic Christian (The Magic Christian) after
  • Soho (The file OF the golden Goose)
  • 1970 - Adios Sabata (Indio Black, sai che ti dico: is un granfiglio…)
  • 1971 - The light at the end of the world (The Light RK the Edge OF the World)
  • 1971 - lives around the straining - Catlow (Catlow)
  • 1972 - on quiet soles comes death (Fuzz)
  • 1973 - the queue(Le Serpent)
  • 1973 - Westworld (Westworld)
  • 1975 - Krieger of the Apokalypse (The Ultimate Warrior)
  • 1976 - Futureworld - the country from the day after tomorrow (Futureworld)

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