Yungay (Peru)

Yungay is a Peruvian city with approximately 15,000 inhabitants in the region Ancash and capital of the province of the same name Yungay. Yungay is appropriate for 60 km north the regional capital Huaraz in the Callejón de Huaylas (dt: Santa valley).

The today's Yungay was again-built after the disaster of 1970 in the proximity of the old Yungay and has some routistic meaning as output place for mountain and Trekkingtouren in the Cordillera Blanca.

The “old” Yungay (“the bead of the Anden”) became to 31. May 1970 with the majority of its inhabitants by an enormous landslip completely under masses of rubble bury. Caused by a very heavy earthquake with the Magnitude 7,8 on the judge scale large parts of the vergletscherten northwest flank of the Huascarán separated - massif, that with 6.768 m highest collection of Peru. Many millions cubic meters ice, mud and rock thundered to 200 m by devastating force to valley, jumped over a high, allegedly protecting hill comb and poured over almost the entire city. The rubble avalanche put according to estimations of the U.S. Geological Survey up to their stop approx. 14.5 km in 4 minutes with an average speed of 220 km/h back. According to different sources lost 12 - 20,000 humans their life.

The area of the destroyed Yungay was already converted after short time to an impressive and much-visited memorial place. The remainders of the cathedral and a motorbus wreck also filled out with rock witness from the merciless force of the disaster.

Coordinates: 9° 8 ' 20 " S, 77° 44 ' 40 " W


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