Yvan Pestalozzi

Yvan LOZZI Pestalozzi (* 13. December 1937 in Glarus) is a Swiss Eisenplastiker.

The learned carpenter lives and works as free artists since 1964 in the municipality Binz at Zurich. Its iron plastics are manufactured mostly made of wire and often contain many playful elements. Movement and surprise is always a part of the work of art. Contrary to many other well-known Swiss Eisenplastikern, LOZZI works not with scrap iron.

The kinetic objects and other works of LOZZI stand at many public and at publicly accessible places, so also at the inhabitant of zurich airport or before the Luzerner traffic exhibition.


  • LOZZI's picture book, Picture Book, thinking like ripe humans, to be pleased know like a child, becomes, 1999, ISBN 3-85932-247-8

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