Yves Allegro

Yves Allegro (* 24. August 1978 in Grône) is a Swiss tennis player.

Since 1997 Allegro participates in the professional tournaments of the ATP . Its he celebrated largest successes as a double player. In June 2003 it won the ATP tournament in Vienna together with Roger Federer. It together with the German Michael Kohl man got the second title of its career in January 2005 in Auckland.

Allegro erspielte itself so far a prize money of 324.388 US Dollar (conditions: 11. March 2005). It achieved its to date best placements in the world rank list in the double valuation in October 2004 with place 32 and in the single in June 2003 with place 210.

In August 2004 Allegro as well as Roger Federer participated in the double tournament of the olympic summer games in Athens . The two separated however already in the 2. Round out.


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