Yves Tanguy

Yves Tanguy (* 5. January 1900 in Paris, France15. January 1955 in Woodbury, the USA) is a French painter of the Surrealismus.

Yves Tanguys landscapes are times airily easy, resemble cloud formations, times remind themto the depths of the sea-bottom, times to the surface of strange planets, never however they are clearly understandable: They are surreale landscapes in the wahrsten sense of the word. Its coded picture worlds give up to today mysteries of the interpretation.


The 1900 in Paris born Tanguy was anarchischer and at the same time silent humans. It seized allegedly after the attendance of an exhibition of Giorgio de Chirico in the gallery Paul Guillaume spontaneously the resolution to become painters whereby after newer realizationsthis meeting is dated on the year 1922. Tanguy was autodidact, he began 1923/24 to draw and aquarellieren, whereby he at that time affected by the Dadaismus and was still far from the Pittura metafisica distant. In the early works Tanguys are expressionismTo feel , Kubismus and new Sachlichkeit as influences. Still 1925 it turned to the Surrealismus . It maintained beside the contact to André Breton also to Louis the Aragon, André Masson, René of liking rides, Salvador Dalí and Max Ernst, in whose shade it remained however. The picture language, which developed Tanguy in the middle of the 1920er years, it should to a large extent maintained.

Tanguy emigrierte in November 1939, after the outbreak of the Second World War, into the USA. Tanguys of pictures were partially. Comments on armament and war. It died 1955 in Woodbury, Connecticut, at a brain impact, which it had suffered due to a fall, after its state of health had already worsened in the years before.


  • 1927, “shade country”, Detroit institutes OF kind, Detroit
  • 1927, “it made, what it wanted”, collection smelling pool of broadcasting corporations S.Zeisler, New York
  • 1928, “the dark garden”, art collection North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf
  • 1937, “the sun in their decoration small box”, Guggenheim museum, New York

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