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Coat of arms
Wappen von Zürich
base data
canton: Zurich
district: Zurich
BFS NR.: 0261 (to 31. December 1989: 0253)
Postal code: 8000-8099
coordinates: 47° 23 ' n. Break.
8° 32 ' o. L.
Height: 408 m and. M.
Surface: 91,88 km ²
inhabitants: 366 ' 809 (31. December 2005)
Website: www.stadt-zuerich.ch
Karte von Zürich

Zurich (French/English: Zurich, Italian: Zurigo, Swiss-German: Züri, rätoromanisch: Turitg, Latin: Turicum) is with somewhat more as 360 ' 000 inhabitants (than dye 1,08 million) the largest city of Switzerland. It lies to the Limmat at the discharge of the Zurich lake and is the capital of the canton of the same name (Canton Zurich). Since 1989 the city Zurich coincides with the district Zurich . The inhabitants call themselves inhabitants of zurich.

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coats of arms

major items coat of arms (Zurich)

from silver andBlue diagonally divided coats of arms originated in in 14. Century and was derived from the blue-white touched banners, which had been used since 1315. The canton and the city Zurich use the same coat of arms. The lion and/or. the lions become only in the full coat of armsused.


Klimadiagramm Zürich
climatic diagram Zurich
view over Zurich and the Zurich lake on the alps

Zurich is at the lower end Zurich lake because of the discharge of the Limmat. With place pointed the Sihl flows into the Limmat. The city takes oneSurface of 91.88 km ².

In clear weather one has a good view of the Quaibrücke on 60 km removed Glarner alps. The city is surrounded by wooded mountains, in the west the house mountain Uetliberg (873 m), on that those Uetlibergbahn leads, in the east Zurich mountain (670 m) and Adlisberg (700 m) and in the north Waidberg (650 m). The slopes are cultivated highly up, but a quarter of the city surface is forest area, which together with the many gardens and the park plantsat the lake a very green townscape results in. After northwest the city expands it in the Limmattal, in the north sloshes between Zurich mountain and Waidberg over in the Glattal.

Individual accomodation has a pronounced characteristic, e.g. the old part of town both sides the Limmat,the mansion accomodation Zurich mountain, the business quarter around the station route and the old worker accomodation in Aussersihl. Separately from the city center the accomodation is clear north of Zurich and Waidberg in the Glattal (Oerlikon, sea-brook, Affoltern and Schwamendingen).The city exhibits expanded dye areas, only partly in incorporation the end 19. and at the beginning of 20. Century became part of the political municipality Zurich. Zurich is divided into 12 circles, which two cover each to four accomodation.

see Quarters, accomodation, postal zip codes

neighbour municipalities

the following municipalities border on the city Zurich (after the clockwise direction, beginning in the north):

Rain village · Rümlang · Opfikon · Wallisellen · Dübendorf · Fällanden · Zollikon · Kilchberg · Adliswil · Stallikon · Uitikon · Streaks · Upper confining rings


367 ' 000 persons

in largest Swiss city (conditions at the end of of 2005) live population inhabitant of zurich old part of town and Limmat official. 30.2 per cent of the inhabitants announced in Zurich, that are not 110 ' 834 persons, possess a SwissPassport. Among the foreigners persons have the largest portion followed from Germany (17.4%, 19 ' 309), from immigrants from Italy and Serbia and Montenegro.

In Zurich many tightened persons from other cantons live; due to local and regionally different control items becomesthe registration on city frequently avoided.

In the dye at present 920 ' 000 persons live Zurich, in the region (inclusive Winterthur, bathing/Brugg (canton Aargau), Uster/Wetzikon and Rapperswil Jona) are it approximately 1.4 million. Unemployment inthe city Zurich 4,2% (conditions amount to: August 2005). Approximately 4% of the urban population and/or. 15 ' 500 persons live directly or indirectly on social welfare assistance (conditions: April 2005).


the city hall of the city Zurich

the legislation are the local councilwith 125 members, who since 2006 after the Proporzverfahren according to the double-proportional divisor method with standard roundness (“double Pukelsheim”) are selected. The city is divided in addition into nine constituencies, which do not agree compelling with the urban areas. A strongest party is (conditions: 14. February 2006 in clammy change in relation to the legislative period 2002-2006) the FR with 44 (- 5) seats, the second-strongest SVP with 24 (- 7) seats, the FDP have 19 (- 1) seats, the Greens 14 (+4), the CVP 10 (+1), the aluminium 5 (+2), EVP 6 (+4) and Swiss democrat 3 (+3). 47 of the 125 councillors is women. The local council meets to each Wednesday evening in the old city hall of the city Zurich.

The executive of the city Zurich is a neunköpfige town councillor. (2006) are current init represent four members of the FR, three of the FDP as well as a member of the Greens and a member of the CVP. City president is Elmar Ledergerber.

Members inhabitants of zurich of the town councillor
Name section a party
Elmar Ledergerber Präsidialdepartement FR
Esther bricklayer police section FR
Martin Waser foundation engineering and disposal section FR
Robert newcome health and environmental section FR
Kathrin Martelli above ground construction section FDP
Martin Vollenwyder fiscal department FDP
Andres Türler section of the Industriellen of enterprises FDP
Monika Stocker social section the Green
Gerold Lauber training and sport section CVP


stock exchange

Zurich is the center of Swiss bank economy and also as international Finanzplatz of importance. Beside the two major banks (Credit Suisse and UBS) also some smaller banks have their seat in the city. The largest employers thatCity are the service industry as well as the administration and the universities. In former times very important industry disappeared to a large extent. However still important industrial companies have addresses in Zurich, so ABB and Siemens.

For the current supply the power station of the city is Zurich (EWZ) responsible.


public Swiss the television (SF) is resident in Zurich. In the accomodation Leutschenbach, north the station Oerlikon are together with Studios also administrative offices. Also Swiss the radio DRS has a Studio in Zurich. The regional television TeleZüri and different local Radiosender (radio 24, Energy Zurich, radio LoRa, radio Tropic) predominantly report from the city Zurich and environment.

The printed media landscape experienced a strong concentration in the last fifty years. Appear momentarystill those traditionally liberal new one inhabitants of zurich newspaper (NZZ), the daily indicator and “20 minutes “in larger edition. The day sheet of the city Zurich is at the same time urban Official Journal and as such to all households is free of charge supplied. In Zurich are also the editorships of the boulevard newspapers view and Sundays view.


Traffic in Zurich
inhabitant of zurich traffic group
of transporting enterprises Zurich
rapid-transit railway
main station
of the inhabitants of zurich main station

the airport Zurich in Kloten is an important spider in European air traffic anda good binding has to the railway. Zurich is a railway junction of national importance, to which also belong the marshalling yard Zurich Limmattal lain between the neighboring places Dietikon and spreading brook. Within the municipality borders the Swiss federal courses operate 13 railway stations, under it that Main station, the largest station of Switzerland, and the station Zurich barn yards price-crowned for its modern architecture. Public traffic in the area of the city is guaranteed primarily by Trams , car - and trolley buses. Operators are those Transporting enterprises Zurich (VBZ). The VBZ are partners in the inhabitant of zurich traffic group (ZVV), to which also the rapid-transit railway Zurich belongs. Ships operate in addition, on the Limmat and the lake, which are operated by the Zurich sea navigation company (ZSG). With two endless rope haulage systems (Polybähnli, aerial ropeway Rigiblick) and a rack railway (DOL crude ancestor) can be overcome the upward gradients at the Zurich mountain fast. The next extensions transportation network width unit around Zurich are planned in the north. The Glattalbahn becomes Oerlikon with Schwamendingen and Dübendorf as well as alsoconnect for the airport. The opening of the first stage is intended for 2006. Various underground - projects predominantly failed for financial reasons so far.


main building of the ETH Zurich, seen of the Polyterrasse out

the city Zurich is seatmany universities and institutes for education. In 19. Century over the city on the “inhabitants of zurich Akropolis” the Swiss federal technical university (ETH) and the University of Zurich were created. Particularly the ETH is internationally of importance.

Further important universities and research institutes in the area Zurich: University for organization and art Zurich · University for music and theatre Zurich · University for technology Zurich · University for economics and administration Zurich · University for applied psychology Zurich · University for Pädagogik Zurich· University forHeilpädagogik Zurich · University for social work Zurich · International school for tourism AG · University University of Zurich · Psychiatric university clinic Zurich (“Burghölzli”) · Freud Institut Zurich · Technopark Zurich

in Zurich gives it to 13 High Schools, under it the canton school RA MIB UHL and the canton school tightness, as well as the canton school barn yards.


Zurich on the Murerplan of 1576

major items history of the city Zurich

the emergence of the today's city Zurich goes on the establishment of the monastery woman cathedral into 9.Century back. The name of the city is derived from a Roman customs station Turicum . Zurich was an important city in duchy the Swabia and ascended 1262 to the realm city. The government of the city lay since 1336 in the hand of the craft fraternities(Guilds). Later from it a guild aristocracy developed. 1351 joined Zurich of the old persons confederation and played as suburb an important role in the further history of Switzerland. Starting from 1519 Zurich under Huldrych Zwingli became a center that Reformation, to “Rome to the Limmat”. Zurich is also the starting point of the Täuferbewegung. The city acquired to in 18. Century a large subject area, from after the end urban the supremacy in 19. Century the present canton Zurichdeveloped. After the industrialization ascended Zurich for the economical center of Switzerland.

see also list of the inhabitants of zurich personalities, list of the mayors of the city Zurich

to objects of interest

buildings, places and borough

the hard tower, Zuricholdest received building, is located in the industrial area

on the left Limmatufer lies a part of the old part of town with the seat of the city administration in the city hall with the woman cathedral and the business quarter around the station route, which leads from the main station to the Zurich lake. Beside hochpreisigen fashion shopsand one finds also large department stores to Bijouterien. On half height the parade place is to the station route, with the head office of Swiss major bank Credit Suisse. At the parade place is also the famous Confiserie Sprüngli. Over the left side thatLimmat lies the lime tree yard with great prospect on the Limmat and the old part of town.

On the right Limmatseite are the Niederdörfli with the Limmatquai with fashion shops, Secondhand Shops, restaurant, Cafés, bars etc. Over the old part of town the university quarter with the prospect platform liesPolyterrasse and the dominating buildings of the Swiss federal technical university (ETH) of Gottfried Semper and the University of Zurich. Because of the RA muck race is jurisprudential Institut of the university, in whose inner court 2005 a building of libraries was opened by Santiago Calatrava.

Compared withother cities there are few multistoried buildings in Zurich. Into the 1950er - there were years in Zurich not one private multistoried building. Subsequently, reservedly some multistoried buildings were granted.


the four large churches in the old part of town
large cathedral

that Large cathedral belongs to Peter church together with the woman cathedral and the pc. - to the most well-known churches of the inhabitants of zurich city center. The building began around 1100 on instruction of emperor Karl thickening and was completed in the year 1220. The church was starting point and centerthe German-Swiss reformation under Huldrych Zwingli. The woman cathedral is above all famous for its magnificent Glasfenster of Marks Chagall. The first church was donated around 874 by emperors Ludwig the German. The pc. - Peter church is the oldest parish church of Zurich.For the first time the church 850 was mentioned, built it however probably already two hundred years in former times. Since 1360 the grave of Rudolf Brun, the first mayor von Zürich is in it. At the church wall is the gravestone of Johann Caspar Lavater, the most well-known representative of the Physiognomie and minister of pc. Peter. The church has the largest tower dial of Europe (diameter: 8.7 meters).

Further churches worth seeing: Augustinerkirche (1270) · Predigerkirche (1230) · Dear woman church (1893)


the zoo offers with the Masoala - an attraction unique for Europe rain forest-resounds. From the various city parks in particular (new) the Botani garden and the China garden, a gift of the twin city Kunming are worth seeing. Further parks are the Irchelpark with somemodern sculptures as well as the Oerliker park and the MFO park in the again developing quarter Zurich north. The oldest park of the city is place pointed with the confluence of Sihl and Limmat. Along the bank of the Zurich lake are expanded park plants from that19. Century. Something hidden lies the rose garden of the Muraltenguts in the tightness.


in Zurich it gives some noteworthy monuments more famous with Zurich of connected persons, for example to Alfred E - monument at the station place or that Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi - monument at the station route. Further inhabitants of zurich of monuments are Hans's forest man - monument with the large cathedral and the Ganymed - the monument.

art and culture

the city Zurich is an important center Swiss of the culture work. A part of theircultural upswing owes Zurich to the numerous painters, composers and writers, who were in the city and left its coinage: under other max of freshness, James Joyce, Thornton of savage, Hermann Hessian and Thomas's man. In Zurich,more exactly in the Cabaret Voltaire, originated in to 1915 the artistic and literary current Dadaismus. Since 2005 Zurich film festival with broad support of the medium industry is accomplished.

theatre and concerts

Zurich point a large number of theatresand concert restaurants up. Internationally is the opera house Zurich admits, the Schauspielhaus Zurich and the concert hall. Well-known concert restaurants are the community center at the Helvetiaplatz, the red factory in Wollishofen and the X-Tra Limmathaus at the Limmatplatz. For large meetings the resounding stadium becomesin Oerlikon or the stadium Letzigrund consulted. Of increasing importance is besides the Maag music resound in the industrial area.

the history

of Switzerland draws and shows museums federal state museum the Swiss federal state museum with the main station since the prehistory after house articles,Fresken, weapons, clothes, engravings, gold forging art etc. The building is shared to a lock and combines all styles of Switzerland after the taste 19. Century. The art gallery Zurich accommodates a collection of works of EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Munch, Alberto Giacometti and other onemodern and contemporary artist. For historically interested tourists the small museum of city archives at the new market is particularly interesting, where a model of the city Zurich in 18. Century to see is.

Further museums: Zoo-logical museum Zurich · People customer museum Zurich · Museum for organization Zurich · Helmet house · Museum Bellerive · Graphic collection of the ETH Zurich · Tram museum · Mühlerama depth well · Museum guessing mountain · Toy museum · Migros museum · Money museum


acquaintance Festivitäten in Zurich are the boy shooting, which in the middle of takes place in each case Septembers, where approximately 5 ' 000 young people constitute the contactor king under itself, as well as the six-ringing in each case at the end of of April. The center of this celebration are a removal of the guilds and the burn-off of the “Bööggs down”, the personifizierten winter. Both causes take place on one Monday and are in the city Zurich official holidays. In each case at the beginning of of August takes place the Streetparade, a Technoevent, at which each year one million humans meet approximately. It is the largest suchEvent world-wide. Likewise in the summer take place the being enough race celebration and called (every three years).

night life, parties, club

the night life in Zurich is very various in the comparison to the size of the city. Was in former times above all the Niederdörfliliked for the exit (special because of small Insiderclubs and bars), then it pulls today the younger ones increased to Zurich west. In the city center the Mascotte is appropriate for buyers as important club only and. On the earlier industrial estates howthe Maag or the lion brewing area shot the clubs in the last years such as mushrooms from the soil. So for example the Säulenhalle in the former lion brewing building, the werk21 or the code club. One of the larger inhabitants of zurich clubs - the X-Tra (in former timesadmits as palace or Limmathaus) - lies likewise close by. Further well-known clubs in Züri west are the tonus dairy or the Moods, a jazz club in shipbuilding.

Further well-known clubs: Modification · Direct current generator · Indochine · Kanzlei ·Laboratory bar ·Oxa · Red factory · Club Q · Säulenhalle · Supermarket · Stock of raw materials · Zodiac · Zic Zac · BBQ · Provitreff · UnderGround (heave again)


actions in irregular distances the town center combination ofthe members gesponserte figures in the whole city up. The members let their figures of artists arrange. Often the organization will become adapted to the business field of the sponsor, sometimes also wordplays converted or as series arranged several figures. After thoseCity Zurich with the first action was verziert 1986 with figures of its coat of arms animal, the lion, followed 1999 cows, 2001 seats and finally 2005 Teddybären. The figures stand in each case during the summer in the city center (and onOutstations like the airport Zurich). After end of the action that figures, which will not keep from the sponsors, in an auction are auctioneered in each case. According to the president of the inhabitants of zurich town center combination (Robert waiter) the teddy action was the last one of this kind,probably because it mutilated also many negative reactions as, in fire set or kidnapped of teddy to the consequence had.


Zurich possesses beside private a great many urban promoted sports sites, which will maintain from the office for sport. This is the trainingand sport section of the city Zurich subordinated. The task of the sport office is the sport promotion, the supply of sports sites for the public public, the execution of the mandatory Schwimmunterrichts (school sport) and the clearing-up of the population over sport possibilities, sports sites, sport associations and Sportveranstaltungen.

Work on []

Sport associations

kind of sport of associations
football fiber plastic Zurich, grass hopper club Zurich, fiber plastic sea-field Zurich, YF Juventus
ice hockey ZSC Lions, GCC
hand ball grass hopper club Zurich, ZMC Amicitia Zurich, TV Witikon
Leichtathletik athlete IC club Zurich (LCZ), TV Unterstrass (TVU)
Volleyball VBCVoléro Zurich, KSC Wiedikon
baseball Zurich Challengers, Barracudas Zurich, Zurich Lions
bath min clay/tone of first inhabitants of zurich UC, UC vital, Akad. Bath min clay/tone association Zurich ABV, UC Irchel Zurich
Beachvolleyball beachers
American football Renegades
basketball basketball club Zurich Academica, basketball club Zurich Korac, basketball club Efes
work on []

Sport, stages and associations

the probably most famous stadium in Zurich is the resounding stadium in Oerlikon. It stands under monument protection, was inside however converted and in August 2005 again opened. It is the home stadium of the ice hockey club ZSC Lions. Further one Stages are the hard tower, home stadium of the football team grass hopper club Zurich (office) and the Letzigrund, home stadium of the football club Zurich (FCZ). For both football stadiums the being correct people granted a new building regarding the European championship 2008.

For attention in sport Zurich provided lastabove all the so-called stadium controversy, which led to the fact that the new building originally as stadium of the hard tower intended for the European championship 2008, which is to take place on the roof of a commercial covering because of a languages of neighbours and environmental federations in coming to a holdcame. Therefore in October 2005 with that EM-conformal and change within the prescribed period of the Letzigrundes, second large inhabitant of zurich of the football stadium, into a pure, was begun airy sports site.

The city Zurich possesses the largest density at swimming facilities in Europe. 25 public baths, dividedin 7 resounding, 7 free, 5 river and 6 sea and/or. , Zurich counts bathing beaches within the city boundary. In addition 17 further school swimming facilities come. 1.7 million (conditions: March 2004) Visitors and visitors use the public baths annually.

The Fédération international one de FootballAssociation (FIFA) like also internationally the Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) have their seat in Zurich.

in addition international

tournaments Zurich was one of six play places of the soccer world championship 1954, it is intended as play place of the European championship 2008. Of1984 to 1997 took place in each case the resounding tennis tournament “Zurich open” for women. Originally in resident , pulled it hall-haven-resounds from 1997 to 2004 due to the lack of space after Kloten in the Schluefweg. There the tournament was called then since1998 “Swisscom Challenge”. 2005 turned the meeting under the slogan the girls acres bake in town to Zurich into the again reconditioned resounding stadium back. In the resounding stadium 1935 and 1998 plays of the ice hockey world championship took place and 49 times (since 1954) that“Sechstagerennen”, until this 2001 were given up due to lack of spectator. Since 1928 annually in August in the Letzigrund the “world class Zurich” is delivered, Leichtathletik - a Meeting of the series of the IAAF golden League.

quality of life

Zurich became2005 in an international city comparison of the management consultation W. M. Mercer for the fourth time in consequence as city with the highest quality of life evaluates, with Geneva and closely followed from Vienna and Vancouver.

shade sides of the metropolis

drug scene Zurich


in the center of the 1980-he 1980 became known that place-pointedly world-wide as Needlepark . It became to 5. February 1992 obligation clearing and blocked, thereupon the drug scene shifted to the shut down station Letten.


the area of the shut down station Letten offered starting from 1992 the window blind for the largest open drug scene of Europe. Several thousand drug-dependent from in and foreign country lived here or procured themselves their material. Groups of one hundred of policemen took of themore frequent in the presence of camera teams raids forwards and tried to drain so the market. These attempts remained unsuccessfully and in such a way became the Letten to 14. February 1995 with the police clearing. Foreign drug-dependent to a large extent to their origin municipalities respectively residence municipalities were led back, foreignDependent one obligation-out-production. The remainders of the drug scene shifted increasingly in the area along the being enough race.

being enough race

the being enough race is a center inhabitants of zurich of the night life. Since the dissolution of the open drug scenes the quarter became to the turn of the century alsoCenter of the drug trade. The risen criminality rate in the being enough race accomodation is further relatively high, however the situation improved owing to different projects of the public hand. The city remains however point of attraction also for drug consumption ducks from the neighbour cantons.

twin cities

by the city

, literature

  • Zurich by Mike of Mike van Audenhove, Cartoons over the inhabitants of zurich, as they are real. ISBN 3-907055-02-0
  • Zurich: Journeys with Insider Tipps. With town center Atlas. Color photo, maps,Plans. 120 S., ISBN 3-8297-0315-5, publishing house: Marco Polo

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