with the term paymaster one generally understands a person, who makes professionally payments and funds administered. With the military paymaster was also an officer rank. Both the occupation and military rank existed today no more and the word are used only still occasionally as metaphor. An exception exists in the navigation, where however the English word Purser displaces the German term gradually.


in the former German armed forces were paymasters military officials of the elevated service. This paymaster in officer rank worried at the staffs about the business and interests of the army administration. The order of rank, which was to be recognized by shoulder badges, read:

  • Paymaster
  • upper paymaster
  • staff paymaster
  • upper staff paymaster

in the German Federal Armed Forces is noticed the task of the paymasters today by the organizational supply and also by the civilian troop administration.

ship paymaster

on board passenger liners is called the paymaster also provisions master. Its activity covers various commercial and financial ranges. Among other things it is responsibly for the disbursement the this year, the provisions purchase, paying of harbour dues, the guidance of the passenger and crew lists, the customs clearance and the affairs of passport of the crew and the passengers. In addition a ship paymaster functions as a manager of the sea chest and as often as a director/conductor Bedienungs-und of kitchen personnel. The activities with those of a hotel manager are professionally comparable.


someone, which makes excessive demands of itself financially sees or would like to spend money only indignantly, does not say sometimes “I is nevertheless the paymaster of the nation “.


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