Zali Steggall

Zali Steggall (* 16. April 1974 in Sydney, Australia) is a former Australian Skiläuferin.

It was active ten years in the ski Worldcup and participated in four olympic plays. With the olympic winter plays 1998 in Nagano it won the bronze medal in its parade discipline, the slalom. It knew five world championship participation with the victory in the slalom to 13. February 1999 in Vail crown. In the Skiweltcup it could win a running, the slalom of park town center to 23. November 1997.

Zali Steggall communicated its resignation from the active Skisport with 27 years. At the 3. February 2002 drove it their last running with the Weltcup final into Åre. Steggali is since that 25. September 1999 with the Australian Ruderer David Cameron marries.


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