Zaunkönig (kind)

Zaunkönig (Troglodytes of troglodytes)
Order: Sparrow birds (Passeriformes)
subordination: Singing birds (Passeri)
family: Zaunkönige (Troglodytidae)
kind: Troglodytes
kind: Zaunkönig
scientific name
Troglodytes of troglodytes
(Linnaeus, 1758)

the Zaunkönig (Troglodytes of troglodytes) is birdkind from the family of the Zaunkönige. It is the only eurasische kind of one otherwise in America resident family.

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the Zaunkönig ranks among thatand is considered to smallest kinds of bird of Europe because of his short wings as bad fliers. The animal is 9.5 centimeters long and for scarcely heavily and spherically built ten gram. Females and males are homogeneously inconspicuously zimtbraun pinnated, whereby the lower surface is somewhat brighter. The short impact is characteristic-provessteeply put up.

The singing of the male is schmetternd strongly with trills and scooters and is also in the winter to be heard. One hears it several hundred meters far.



the Zaunkönig nourishes itself of small insects and their larvae, Spiders and as Zukost of small seeds.


the kind loves Unterholz, bushes and Dickichte, thus also hedges and umbuschte fences, and is to be found particularly, where a waters is in the proximity. In the northernHemisphere is world-wide common the Zaunkönig.

breeding biology

the male puts on already in the winter several nests, which it offers to the females. These nests are spherically closed with lateral entrance and are close because of the soil in root works of umgestürzter trees, into wall holes, reed, woodor heaps of brushwood. They are built from Moos, sheets and grass. The female pads the selected nest with feathers/springs out.Polygynie is possible. Starting from at the end of April puts the female five to sieved white, red-brown speckled eggs, which it out-breeds in 14 to 16 days. Both parentsfeeds the Nestlinge, which becomes then after 15 days flügge. Zaunkönige breed usually twice in the year.

Zaunkönig (Troglodytes of troglodytes)


the Zaunkönig was in Germany bird of the yearly 2004.

The people narration that the birds decided once, was common thoseto make from them to the king, who would fly most highly. This are able the eagle, but when it had to again lower itself, the small Zaunkönig, which had hidden itself in its plumage, rose flew still more highly and called: “King am I!“On itthe whole choice smashed itself, but it had its name therefore.


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