Zebra three kinds from the family of the horses (Equidae) are called called, which belong all to the order of the Unpaarhufer (Perissodactyla), i.e. the Grevyzebra (Equus grevyi) , also Pferdezebra the Steppenzebra (Equus quagga), and the Bergzebra (Equus zebra).

Crossings: Zebroideare crossings from horse and Zebra, Zebrule or also Zesel between donkeys and Zebras.

To Steppenzebras (Equus quagga boehmi)
Zebra in the South African Krugerpark

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characteristics and classification

although it as common characteristicit connects, is not the black-and-white or also brown-white strips among themselves not more near related than to the other kinds from the family of the horses. The common characteristic of the strips is related also by the fact that a subspecies of the Steppenzebras, the become extinct Quagga, only strip at the neckhad and some other Unpaarhufer also beginnings of touching at the legs to show.

The strips formed probably evolutiv for camouflage before Tsetsefliegen. Since place the frequency spectrum of the Zebras shifts to higher frequencies, it is not within the visible pass band of the compound eyes thatStechfliegen. Thus it is not this no more recognized by. Another hypothesis is that the typical Streifenmuster serves the camouflage. By the strips dissolves outlined its body optically, so that the Zebra of Raubtieren is to be recognized with difficulty.


Originally the Zebras were common in completely Africa. In North Africa they were however already exterminated in antique time.

Today's spreading: Common the Steppenzebra is furthest. It lives steppe areas of the southern Sudan and south Ethiopia in over the savannahs of East Africa until south andSouthwest Africa. The habitat of the Grevyzebra are the halfdry shrub and grass landscapes of East Africa, in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somali. The Bergzebra has a much less far spreading as the Steppenzebra and the Grevyzebra. It lives in gebirgigen Hochebenen of Namibia and South Africa at heights up to 2000 M.

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