Cell growth

cell growth (English: growth) the size and Volumenzunahme of individual cells are cell. It steered genetically and takes place primarily between successive cell divisions . A condition for cell growth is a functioning cellular Metabolismus, a procedure, with which the cells process nutrient molecules.

The maximum size increase results from the relationship from surface to volumes. Since the surface does not possess mathematically only to the square, which grows volumes however to the Kubik, a cell sometime any longer sufficient surface, in order to deliver sufficient nutrients of up and pollutants. Therefore no infinitely large single-celled organisms can exist and provided in such a way this delimitation probably for the development of the multi-cellness.

In the medicine, particularly in the Onkologie, the term becomes cell growth frequently also with the increase of the cell number (z. B. in a tumor) equated. Here (apart from size changing run gene during the cell division) the individual cells not, but only the cell culture ( z grow. B. Bacteria trunks).

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