Zenta Mauriņa

Zenta Mauriņa [ˈzentaˈmaʊ̯riɲa] (* 15. December 1897 in Lejasciems (Latvia), † 25. April 1978 in Basel) was a lettische authoress.

Their father of Robert Mauriņš was a lettischer Kreisarzt, its nut/mother Melanie Mauriņa, geb. Knappe ethnic Germans a Pianistin from pc. Petersburg. Soon after their birth the family moved after Grobiņa east of Liepāja (Libau). Since that time at the age of five years it got sick with child paralysis and was bound to the wheelchair. In the year 1915 it put at the Russian High School inLiepāja their Abitur with honor off.1921 took up it the study at the philosophical-philological faculty of the University of Riga , where her 1938 to the Dr. phil. attained a doctorate.

On the escape before the Soviets she came 1946 over Germany to Uppsala into Sweden, where her until 1966remained. Subsequently, it shifted its domicile after bath Krozingen south of Freiburg in mash gau.

Their work is characterized by their in three languagesness and the fate of Latvia between liberty and suppression in 20. Century.


  • the far travel (Autobiografie, likewise the following fourTitle)
  • the venture is beautifully
  • the iron latch plates breaks
  • my song of the earth
  • of letters from the exile
  • Dostojewskij (Biografie)
  • mosaic of the heart (essay)
  • in the beginning was the joy (narrations)
  • loving life - lived life (essay)
  • haven advice of Russian writers (essays)


  • 1968 - Order of Merit 1.Klasse
  • 1971 - Konrad Adenauer price of the Germany donation

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