Central African threshold

the Central African threshold high up to 4.507 m is appropriate in the center east of Africa along East Africa niches of the ditch, a part of the large African Grabenbruchs.

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extends there the threshold, which borders directly on the west side of the evenly mentioned ditch, in north south direction of the south the Sudan over parts of Uganda and the democratic Republic of the Congo (“DR the Congo”) until north Zambia.


as elongated, narrow high mountains represents the Central African threshold the southeast continuation of the north equatorial threshold and the northeast continuation of the Lundaschwelle . Between that here first and the threshold specified last is the Mitumba mountains, which are called pretty often part or other threshold. Into the north the high mountain threshold changes over the valley of the Nile into the large inundation basin of the swampy Sudds . On its entire length the Central African threshold drops to their Ostabdachung abruptly into the western part East Africa niches of the ditch. In the range a number of elongated lakes is appropriate for the threshold like the Albert lake, the Eduard lake, the Kiwusee and the Tanganjikasee in this rift zone, which reach a depth of up to 1470 m. In the south the threshold drops into the basin of the Bengweulusümpfe . In the west almost exclusively the large Congo basin follows .

national nature

the north end and also the south end of the Central African threshold is in each case controlled of the Feuchtsavanne and the Trockensavanne, the entire center section of the expanded tropical rain forest. Numerous brook runs and smaller rivers, which cut themselves often deeply into the landscape, distance-let the threshold almost exclusively toward the west.

mountains, rivers, countries & places

seen from the north to the south lie these mountains, rivers, countries and places at and on the Central African threshold.

mountains & mountains

largest rivers

of countries


on the elongated Central African threshold lie mainly smaller cities:

  • Juba - the Sudan (for instance the northernmost end of the threshold places)
  • Oischa - DR the Congo
  • Goma - DR the Congo
  • Bukavu - DR the Congo
  • Kalemie - DR the Congo
  • Mbala - DR the Congo (represents for instance the southernmost end of the threshold)

see also

the five large African thresholds:



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