Zenzl laboriously

Zenzl laborious (* 28. July 1884 in Haslach/Lower Bavaria; † 16. March 1962 in Berlin; native Kreszentia Elfinger) was married nearly nineteen years with Erich laborious.

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you comes as a fifth child of a Hopfenbauers and a restaurant operator/barkeeper in Bavaria to the world. To 15. September 1915 married it the Jewish pharmacist son Erich laborious. It was MUSE and emanzipierte Kämpferin at its side, which during its fortress detention for the amnesty the advice revolutionary used itself.

To two wedding days (1924 and 1933) it receives picture books with own pictures and poems from its detention. With its feather/spring designs it shows its artistic gift also on this area.

It fled 1934 after the murder of its man - against its warning - over Prague to Moscow in the exile. It had been able to save the deduction and hands the writings to the institute for max in fermenting AI over for international literature. Up to its departure 1955 into the GDR, it spent nearly 20 years in Soviet internment and educating camps (Gulag).


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work on] broadcast transmissions


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