Chemismus ZnCO 3
crystal system rhomboedrisch
Kristallklasse ___
color colorless, light-yellow, brown or green translucently
line color
Mohshärte 5
density 4,1-4,5 · 10 3 kg/m 3
gloss ___
opacity ___
Habitus ___
frequent crystal faces ___
twin accomodation ___
crystal optics
refractive index ___
birefringence ___
Pleochroismus ___
optical orientation ___
of the Zes-axis
2v z ~ ___
further characteristics
chemical behavior ___
similar minerals ___
radioactivity not radioactively
magnetism ___
special characteristics ___

than Zinkspat (Smithsonit or noble Galmei) one designates a mineral from the order of the carbonates, crystallized rhomboedrisch, is in usually small crystals, more frequently in nierenförmigen, shelled aggregates, in stalaktitischen, also crudely in close and erdigen masses, is colorless, light-yellow, brown or green shining through, perlmutter or glass-shining, hardness 5, specific weight 4,1-4,5, substantially ZnCO 3 exists, with 52% zinc of zinc carbonate; but usually something iron, manganese, magnesium and calcium, rare lead occurs and cadmium for zinc, apart from frequent impurities by ferric oxide and aluminium silicate.

Particularly iron and manganese-rich Varietäten, which central species between Zinkspat form on the one hand and Eisenspat or Manganspat on the other hand, was called Zinkeisenspat , Eisenzinkspat and Manganzinkspat.

Zinkspat forms nests, sticks and camps, in particular in kalkigen and dolomitischen rocks of different formations, with Eschweiler in the Rhine country, with pointing hole in bathing, with Tarnowitz in Schlesien, furthermore in Kärnten, Steiermark, Belgium, England and to Chessy with Lyon and is an important Zinkerz. An important component with the production of brass. One assumed in former times it represents a kind coloring material which red copper colors gold yellow. The Galmeiveilchen grows on galmeihaltigen soils, is today very rare and is yellow contrary to conventional violets.

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