Zinc sulfate

zinc sulfate is a white, water-soluble powder.

Smp: 600°C / Zersetzung bei T>770°C : 2ZnSO₄->2ZnO+2SO ₂ +O ₂

density: 3.54

production by dissolving zinc in diluted sulfuric acid:

<math> Zn + H_2SO_4> ZnSO_4 + H_2< /math>.

2 O_2 result to ZnS from oxidative decomposition of zinc blende (zinc sulfide

<,> ZnS) math + -> ZnSO_4< /math>.

The mineral ZnSO 4 7H 2 O developed in such a way is called Goslarit.

Zinc sulfate is used in the Färberei, for wood the impregnation and for the production of electrolysis zinc. Due to the bacteriakilling effect of Zn 2+ - ions are used very diluted solutions of ZnSO ₄ (0.1-0.5%) as eye water with binding skin inflammations.

CAS number: 7733-02-0


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