Zisis Vryzas

Zisis Vryzas (* 9. November 1973 in the village Hrissohori, city Hrissoupoli, in the Nomos Kavala) is former Greek football national player (59 obligation plays).

To 4. July 2004 it became with the Greek national team European champion in with the EM in Portugal. He was appointed the honour citizen of Athens. To the season 2005/06 it returned to the ACF Fiorentina , where it had already played during the season 2003/04. It held for the crew from the Toskana up to the end of the Hinserie 2005/06 the loyalty and changed then to the AC Turin.


conditions September 2005


total: 375 plays - 83 gates

national team

  • debut:
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  • 1 x EM-title with Greece (2004)


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