Ziska Riemann

Ziska Riemann und Gerhard Seyfried
Ziska Riemann and Gerhard Seyfried

Ziska Riemann (* 10. August 1973 in Berlin) is Comic - draftswoman and film script authoress.

Table of contents

works (selection)


  • The Freakz OF the Underground, Pelle Pelle, 2006
  • Starship Eden (with Gerhard Seyfried), Carlsen Comics, 1999
  • the revolution eat their children (trust none over thirty - Comicanthologie) from Carlsen Comics, 1998
  • Rascal & Lucille, red book (EH), 1996
  • space of hybrid(with Gerhard Seyfried), red book (EH), 1993
  • Future Subjunkies (with Gerhard Seyfried), red book (EH), 1991
  • Halus
  • Kinky Masala
  • Trip ton twitching country (magazine Frontpage)

film and film script

  • the dogs are debt (2001), BR, D.I.E. Film GmbH
  • Friedenau (together with Luci van Org), AvistaFilm
  • The Mooche! (after an idea of Daniel Brühl), Avista film
  • I woke up and has gesehn
  • Tabula Rasa, D.I.E. Film GmbH


  • where please goes to ' s here to Shambhala?, Album CD, MerMer record 2005
  • remain gold, girl, CompilationCD, MerMer record always
  • 2005 Mach I it broken, if I am lucky, single, king children records, 2005
  • B.Traven Hommage to a German Anarchisten, Navao/Karin shopkeeper publishing house, 2004
  • the last battle we win - an inheriting of the pieces of broken glass, (clay/tone of stones pieces of broken glass) Bigbeat record,1999


  • Fleckenfeger, publishing house the laboratory, Berlin, 1994


  • Fifa WM 2006 Trailer, animation pool of broadcasting corporations
  • Confederation Cup, Trailer 2005, pool of broadcasting corporations
  • erring are sexy, link up 2002, Second Channel of German Television, network Movie
  • fire and flame, thumb cinema, Second Channel of German Television, networkMovie

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