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Animals in the Tierpark harsh stone (Austria)

zoo is the abbreviation for zoo-logical garden. Synonymouslyzoo and Tierpark are, these designations by zoos are usually selected, which possess a far park landscape.

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major tasks

The tasks of emphasis of a zoo shifted in the course of the history of the simple exhibition of exotic animals for the research of animal species as well as the preservation breed. The founder of zoo biology, professor Dr. Heini Hediger (director in the zoos of Berne, Basel and Zurich), definedalready before nearly 60 years the major tasks of the zoos as

  1. nature protection,
  2. education,
  3. research and
  4. recovery.

In it nothing changed. Above all nature and protection of species are the center of attention at that by far most scientifically led zoos today. Thus and finance many care forZoo today own protection projects in Situ, thus in the habitat of the game animals. In the German-speaking countries over 45 zoos in the donation protection of species together-did, in order to recruit together for protection of species projects.

The preservation breed is coordinated by different regional programs:

  • Europe (inclusive The Near East): European preservation breeding programmes (European zoo federation EAZA (European Association OF zoo and Aquaria))
  • America: Species Survival of plan SSP (American zoo and aquarium Association AZA)
  • Ozeanien: Australasian Species management Program ASMP (Australasian regionally Association OF Zoological park and Aquaria ARAZPA)
  • Africa: African Preservation Program APP (AfricanAssociation OF Zoological Gardens and Aquaria PAAZAB)
  • Japan: Preservation breed activities of the Japanese Association OF zoo and of aquarium JAZA
  • south Asia: Preservation breeding programmes of the South Asian zoo Association for regionally Cooperation SAZARC
  • Southeast Asia: Those leads preservation breed activities of the South East Asian zoo

Association SEAZA an international roof function World Association OF zoo and of aquarium WAZA out, to which 22 regional or national zoo and aquarium federations as well as 213 individual zoos and aquariums in 46 countries as institutional members belong.


zoo-logical garden. Painting of August Macke

the oldest continuing zoo of the worldis the 1752 by Franz I. Stephan justified zoo Schönbrunn in Vienna, which was first however a höfische Menagerie. As the oldest scientifically led zoo however the Ménagerie you is considered to Jardin plan width unit in Paris, the 1794 after the final dissolution of the Versailler Menageriedeveloped. The designation “zoo-logical garden” found for the first time 1828 with the Londoner zoo use. For years there was the 1860er a wave of civil establishments of zoo in nearly all large cities. The 1930er experienced a further wave of establishment of zoo years, and with increasing mobility of the population developed for the 1960er yearson the country uncounted smaller Tierparks, game park and bird park.

The oldest zoo in Germany is the zoo-logical garden in Berlin, at the 1. August 1844 was opened and this very day the species-richest zoo is world-wide.

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Were completely differently conceived

Immersionsgehege für Amurtiger im Zoo Zürich
and arranged organization immersion enclosure for Amurtiger

in the zoo Zurich buildings in zoos in the last 150 years. First a romantisierende phase e.g. with bear castles, then the Exotismus with copied temples etc. from the countries of origin, later the clinically pure functionalism alsoTiles, high-grade steel and Sichtbeton.

Since the 1980er developed in the USA - in Germany starting from 1995 - which immersion enclosures so mentioned, with which the visitor actually or apparently enters the natural habitat of the animals. The animal is thereby no more pure exhibition object, but inhabited(and defended) its territory. It became the “basic owner” and has - every now and then to the Frustation of the visitors - also the possibility of extracting itself from the viewer.

In most zoos grown historically one finds several of these styles next to each other.

topic tables zoos

characteristics are zoosfor certain animal species such as aquariums (Aquazoos), free air enclosures (e.g. Serengeti park), stroking zoo, bird park (e.g. Bird park Walsrode), butterfly zoos or sea topic parks (e.g. Sea World).

The Stuttgart Wilhelma (in the maurischen architectural style) is the only Zoologisch Botani garden of Germany, which shows plants beside the animals also. Numerous zoosgo with rain forest houses a similar way. Among them for example Burgers' Bush are in citizen the zoo in Arnheim (1987) and the Masoala - Zurich ( 2003) with the world-wide largest zoologisch botanischen rain forest reproduction resounds about Madagascar to emphasize in the zoo. A further thematischer zoo becomes the ZOOM SHOT gel churches,the earlier Ruhr zoo. It consists at present of the ranges Alaska, remainders of the old zoo and parts of Africa, Asia and the remaining parts is planned in building or.

criticism at zoo-logical gardens

some Tierschützer criticize the attitude of -often rare - game animals in zoo-logical gardens. Usually the domestizierten animals in the cages and enclosures one verunmöglicht to realize its natural behaviors. When scientific investigations of zoo animals isolated behavior disturbances were determined, which can be regarded as consequence of this attitude. The Tierschützer continues to criticize thatstill wild animals for zoo-logical gardens were exported and that surplus young animals were killed and some animal species were by force trained such as elephants . These points of criticism refer usually to zoos generally, while in particular the scientifically led zoos refer to the fact that the term “zoo”is not protected and under this term also numerous black sheep up to Wandermenagerien of the circuses and animal dealers firmieren. Individual cases might not be transferred to all zoos. Besides many of the points of criticism became outdated and the developments of the last decades would not consider.

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