Future technology

future technologies are technologies, whose meaning will probably strongly rise. The increasing meaning can have several reasons:

  1. The technology still is in the child shoes, however a large use of humans, genetic engineering, nano-technology, Internet promises examples.
  2. Conventional technology pushes examples bio Diesel, gas cell technology, wind force, solar power stations, hydro-electric power plants to its borders and is by another to be replaced .
  3. New methods, with the help of those by miniaturization and/or integration with new procedures before notconceivable application scenarios for already longer well-known technologies to be opened, example RFID, Smartphone, energy-self-sufficient systems.

The term future technology is positively occupied and in connection with the evaluation by enterprises or education is often used. As political key word it becomesin addition, abusively, i.e. euphemistisch, related for techniques, which despite efforts for many years still no lasting success had granted.

See also: Innovation


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