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Wappen von Zweibrücken Lage der kreisfreien Stadt Zweibrücken in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Rhineland-Palatinate
district: Circle-free city
surface: 70.64 km ²
inhabitants: 35.290 (31. October 2005)
Population density: 500Inhabitant for each km ²
height: 300 m and. NN
postal zip code: 66482
preselection: 06332
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 49° 14 ' 58 " n. Break.
7° 21 ' 39 " o. L.
49° 14 ' 58 " n. Break.
7° 21 ' 39 " o. L.
Kfz characteristic: ZW
municipality key: 07 3 20 000
of the city:
5 quarters
of the city administration:
Herzogstr. 1
66482 two-bridges
mayor: Professor Dr. Reichling

two-bridges is a circle-free city in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Itthe smallest circle-free city of Germany is with its 35,000 inhabitants. The city is seat of the Pfälzi higher regional court.

The name two-bridges comes from one in outgoing 12. Century built castle, which had a double military ditch, which crosses over two Zugbrückenwill had.

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geographical location

two-bridges is appropriate in the western south part of Rhineland-Palatinate at the border to the Saarland for about 36 km ( air line) southwest from Kaiserslautern in westsmell directly. The town centerfrom two-bridges is 25 km to the west of Pirmasens, which is because of the west edge of the Pfälzer of forest. There it lies only few kilometers up and/or. southeast the inlet of the black brook in blew (in the Saarland Einöd) and becomes alsofrom the horn brook flowed through, which rises in France and flows in the city into the black brook.


Zweibrücker Schloss
Zweibrücker lock


Zweibrücki land survey of Tilemann Stella (1564)

historical buildings

  • Alexanderskirche (builds in15. Century, building master Philipp stone-cutter)
  • main street 88, formerly “hotel deer” (oldest house of two-bridging from the 16.Jahrhundert)
  • Karlskiche (1708 build - 1711), building master Haquinus bolted
  • duke lock two-bridges (1720-1725 built) building master Jonas Erikson Sundahl
  • landing stud (1755)
  • duke suburb (1762 build- 1772)

town councillor

  1. CDU of 14 seats
  2. SPD of 13 seats
  3. FWG of 4 seats
  4. FDP 3 seats
  5. UWG 3 seats
  6. the Green list (the GREEN/ödp) 3 seats

partnerships between cities

  • Flagge Ruandas Nyakizu (in former times Runyinya), Rwanda since 1982


of sons and daughters of the city


see also:

higher regional court) land stud


and mayors [work on]at the lock place a public WLAN. The SSID does not read “lock place”, it is necessary further entrance data. The entrance is free of charge and anonymous possible for everyone. Gesponsort becomes the entrance of the GeWoBau two-bridges.

In the environment of two-bridging it givesnumerous forests, in which also rare tree species are like the Elsbeere. In one of these forest areas with 32.6 meters height one stands the highest Elsbeeren of the world (conditions 1994).

sport and leisure facilities

  • ice-skating hall
  • indoor swimming pool
  • open-rir swimming pool
  • Westpfalzstadion
  • Westpfalzhalle
  • climbing center Camp4
  • mini golf course

of associations

  • culture
    • city chapel two-bridges
  • animal protection
    • society for the prevention of cruelty to animals two-bridges

regular meetings

  • March: Horse Gala
  • Easter: Ostermarkt
  • May: Road theatre pageant
  • Whitsuntide: Turnerjahrmarkt
  • June:
    • At the beginning of of June: Rose days
    • third June weekend: Village celebration in Zweibrücken Ixheim
  • July:
    • firstWeekend in the month: Grass-course-run on the running meadow and village celebration in two-bridge central brook
    • city celebration in the city center (one of the largest people celebrations of the Westpfalz)
  • August:
    • At the beginning of of August Kirmes in Zweibrücken Ixheim
    • last Auguswochenende: Autumn market and horse days
  • Septembers
    • first September weekend: Kirmes in Zweibrücken Rimschweiler
    • third September weekend:Kirmes in Zweibrücken Mörsbach
  • 3. October: Rose run, (10 km run)
  • December: Weihnachtsmarkt at the lock place


of one of the largest employers of two-bridging is the steeped in tradition metal building firm Terex - DEMAG, which developed from the former Dingler works.

Beyond thatresident two-bridges also a work of the agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere.

After the departure of the American army of the Zweibrücker airport a designer Outlet center (DOZ) was built, which is designed in the final phase for over 38.000 m ². First became however only² sales area realizes approximately 20,000 m.

It is tried to use the airport as such economically. Thus there is among other things the use for civilian aviation as well as a technology park (Multimedia Internet park two-bridges, MIPZ), a co-operation of the country with the company United Internet, which is meant particularly as founder center for Startup enterprise.

In the year 2003 it came to the insolvency of the company Pörringer & Schindler, who as one the traditional Zweibrücker enterprise was considered. On this area momentarily a shopping centre develops.


in the course of the conversion measures after the departure of the Americans was established on the former military area on the Zweibrücker cross mountain 1993 a professional school. Together with the locations in Pirmasens and Kaiserslautern it is part of the professional school Kaiserslautern.

Two-bridges possesses two High Schools (yard rock and helmet getting time High School), one six-form high school and four hauptschule.


two-bridges is directly because of the federal motorway 8.

Two-bridges had an own airport with a 3 km long starting and runway.

Overthe city is merged the airports Saarbruecken (40 km), Luxembourg ( 120 km) and Frankfurt/Main (160 km) into the regional and international network of air routes.

The next Binnenwasserhäfen is in Saarbruecken (40 km) and Ludwigshafen/Mannheim (100 km).

Two-bridges is onthe railroad line Saarbruecken - Pirmasens tied up. In former times the horn brook course branched to Brenschelbach from two-bridges furthermore.


1757 - 1791 stationing of the regiment Royal Deux Ponts. The regiment took with the Expeditionscorps led under marshal Rochambeau 1780- 1783 at the American war of independence part. 1781 played the two-bridging he troops a key role in the battle of Yorktown. They defended the attachment plant “Redoute 9” in this battle. Since 1978 therefore a partnership between cities between two-bridges and the American city Yorktown exists/Virginia.

As consequence of the congress of Viennese the duchy Zweibrücken Pfalz arrived to 22 starting from 1815 at Bavaria and. royally Bavarian infantry regiment was stationed in two-bridges.

An important strategic meaning always possessed two-bridges starting from the French-German war due to the close to the border one to France.Therefore several barracks in two-bridges were established. The “red barracks”, the “white barracks” and the “Niederauerbachkaserne”. The “red barracks” were torn off in the 50's-years.

These became after the establishment of realm by the realm resistance and starting from 1918/1919 by the realm resistance used.

The environment of two-bridging was merged in the Second World War into the west barrier. This very day one can approximately find bunkers around two-bridges. Most are however nearly completely blown up.

After the Second World War first French troops were stationed in two-bridges. Itremained until 1977. The Frenchmen began 1951 with the building of a military airport in the proximity of two-bridging. This was handed over 1953 to the Canadian Air Force. After the departure of the Canadians 1969 took over the Americans the airport.

Already since 1952 was those US army in two-bridges in the cross mountain barracks stations. Besides it maintained still many small real estate properties. Also the “red barracks” and the “white barracks” were used occasionally by the US army. Occasionally roughly 9,000 US citizens lived in the 38,000 inhabitants counting city. Afterthe US troops were withdrawn to the unit of Germany gradually from two-bridges. The last units left 1994 the city.

Thus two-bridges, which became 1956 also German Federal Armed Forces location and so that until 1969 a four-garrison city was, are one of the German cities, itself intensively also Conversion of military plants into civilian to employ had.

The “white barracks” are to be converted into a civilian residential district. The cross mountain barracks were removed end of the 1990 ' it years to an innovative specialized university location, which develops well.

On the airport area one has itselfthe largest European factory sales centers settled. The airport two-bridges is now a civilian airport. It is used mainly by charter and freight traffic.

The Niederauerbach barracks are used since the establishment of the German Federal Armed Forces by this. In the year 2005 are there the paratroop battalion 263, 5. /Field hunter battalion, which stations medical center two-bridges and several other smaller units of the German Federal Armed Forces.

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