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Σελίδα "Παπαδικής" γραμμένης τον Ιούλιο του 1433 έργο του δομέστικου Δαβίδ Pαιδεστινού (Mονή Παντοκράτορος, κώδ. 214)

Byzantine music it is common term that is used so that it characterizes the medieval holy member christian churches that followed orthodoxe functional formal.

The Byzantine music that is rescued is in the total of ecclesiastical, with the exception of somebodies aytokratorjkoy's anthems, that also these have religious elements. The Byzantine chant was monwdjko', in free rythm, and tried often it portrays melodically the significance of words. The language that was used was Greek. The Byzantine anthem, that existed three types of, it was the biggest expression of this musical type.. (more)

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