Tsoymhoyrj- eslamj- jra'n
Islamic Republic of Iran
Σημαία Εθνόσημο
(Flag) (Ecno'simo)
National sign: Independence, freedom, Islamic Democracy
National anthem: Sorud- melli- iran
Capital Teheran
Bigger city Teheran
Official languages Persjka'
Supreme leader
Islamic democracy
Alj' Hamenej'!1
Mahmoy'nt Ahmantjza'nt
It was declared
Iranian Revolution
11 February 1979
- Total
- Water (%)

1.648.195 km² (17th)
- 2005 estimate
- 2000 inventory
- Density

68.017.860 (18th)
41/km² (128)
- Measurement 2005
- At head

$560.348.000.000 (19th)
$8.065 (77th)
Currency Rja'l (?) (IRR)
Area of Hour
- Aestival hour
Internet TLD .ir
Code call + 98
1 Alj' Hamenej'!, as Supreme leader, it possesses the complete power in Iran. This and Council of Guard they have right veto in all the decisions of state.

Iran (Persjka': ?????) it is mesanatoljki' country the N.D. Asiap. It borders with Azerbaidjan, Armenia and Turkmenistan north, Pakistan and Afghanistan Easternly, Turkey and Irak westwards. Even if locally it is gtnwsto' as Iran at least from the period Sassanjdw'n, until 1935 the country was reported as Persia. In 1959 the Moha'mant Reza Sah Pahlavj' announced that they can be used also the two terms. In 1979 Iranian revolution under his guidance Agjatolla'h Homej!nj' it established ceokratjko' arrangement of Islamic Democracy,changing the official name of country in Islamic Republic of Iran (?????????). The name Iran is synonym of A'ryas of word that means "Ground of Ary'wn".

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Questions of terminology

From his population, Iran or Persia it was called Arya'nam from ancientest years and Iran/Eransa'hr from perj'codo the Sassanjdw'n. The word "Aryana'm" is the ancient version of Iran and ancient general plural that it means(gi) twn Ary'wn. The term Persia it is the name that was used from European countries from her her season persjki's empire Ahajmenjdw'n at 6th aj. P.MrE..


Chart of Iran

The borders of Iran are: Azerbaidjan (length of borders: 500 km) and Armenia (35 km) north-westernly, Kaspj'a Sea north, Turkmenistan (1000 km) north-easternly, Pakistan (909 hblm) and Afghanistan (936 km) Easternly, Turkey (500 km) and Irak (1458 km) westwards, and final his waters Persjkoy' of Gulf and Gulf of Oman southernly. The total extent of Iran is 1.648 millions of km2 (Land: 1.636 millions of km2, Water: 12,000 km2).

The landscape of Iran is dominated by high and naked mountain ranges that delimit different plates and basins. The over-populated western department ej'najkaj the mountainous, with mountain ranges as the o'ri Za'gros and Ampo'rz. In the o'ri Ampo'rz it is found also higher lkoryfi' Iran, Ntamava'nt in the 5,671 m. Eastern half corresponds mainly in uninhabited basins deserted that are interrupted casually by salty lakes.

The alone really big plains are found at length of aktogrammi's Kaspj'as of Sea and in northern utmost the Persjkoy' of Gulf in the orifice of river Arva'nt. Smaller discontinuous plains are found scattered in the remainder coasts of Persjkoy' of Gulf, in Closely the Ormoy'z, and in Sea of Oman. Iranian climate he is mainly dry, even if ypotropjko' at length of Kaspj'as aktogrammi's. The wider region of Iran is considered one of the 15 states that compose called cradle of Humanity.

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