Airbus S.A.S., more well-known like Airbus simply, it is a great aeronautical and aerospace Pan-European company. It was created in in Toulouse, , like one S.A.S (Society by Actions Simplified, of French: Even Société Actions Simplifiée). Previously it had been a denominated partnership Airbus Industries, that one was not in charge of the manufacture process of the airplanes, but simply to coordinate the process of design, manufacture and sale.

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In of , the governments of , and signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of an airplane of 300 seats. This it would be the second joint project of airplane in , after The Concorde. In the following months doubts on the part of the governments arose British and French on the viability of the project, and was necessary to modify it so that it could use motors already developed and to reduce therefore the costs.

In 1969 the British government retired his support to the program. Given the participation of Hawker Siddeley, the company selected by the British government (who without his financial support could not continue with him), in the development of the wing, the French and Germans were themselves incapable to continue in solitaire. Finally the British company was able to continue being a contractor thanks to the German financial support.

The partnership was created in by the companies Aerospatiale and Deutsche Aerospace like European manufacturer of airplanes. In the company CASA (Aeronautical Constructions Joint-stock company) it was gotten up to the partnership, and in did it British Aerospace. From the beginning the partnership paid attention like objective to compete with the main manufacturer of airplanes of the world, the company , that then was acquiring a dominant position more and more in the sector of civil aviation.

After the fusion of Aèrospatiale, CASA and Deutsche Aerospace to create EADS, (European Aeronautic, Defense and Space Company), this last one has happened to control 80% of Airbus, being 20% rest into the hands of BAE Systems PLC (British Aerospace).


The first model that made the partnership, and that appeared in , was A300, an airplane for routes of average reach, double corridor, innovator in numerous aspects, like the rationalization of the compartment of luggage and load by means of containers. The airplane was not an immediate success, in a market dominated by the American manufacturers, and it only obtained important sales in Europe. This was agravated by Crisis of the 1973 petroleum, that it seriously affected the airlines, and with it to the list of orders. Airbus was on the verge of breaking, in a while got to have 14 airplanes completely finished without selling hoping in earth by a buyer, after 16 months without no new order. The purchase of several airplanes on the part of the American Eastern Airlines it marked to a point of flexion in the sales and the salvation of Airbus. Shortly after Airbus presented/displayed A310, one more a shorter variant of the previous one, since some airlines complained which the A300 was very great.

In both began the manufacture of other variants of existing models and, mainly, the new one appeared A320, an airplane of a corridor for short and average passages, of revolutionary technology. Airbus did without for the first time in this model of the hydraulic conductions to govern the flight surfaces, replacing them by electrical cables ("fly-by-wire") and small motors located in these surfaces. The pilots use "joystick" located in a side, instead of the classic column in front of the seat. The aircraft formations are transmitted to a computer, which calculates its suitability (impidendo therefore the dangerous maneuvers) and transmits them as well to the flight surfaces. The A320 quickly became popular, obteniedo a remarkable success, and competes with the model B737 of . Also in this Airbus case it developed variants, greater, A321, and two smaller, A319 and A318.

In Airbus presented/displayed two additional models of double corridor, conceived for routes of long reach, the twin-engine plane A330 and the four-engined plane A340. Their aerodynamic design and the characteristics of their motors turn them very economic airplanes. Of course, these models have the outpost technology of A320. In all his Airbus models it has been incorporating, in addition, revolutionary control rooms, since it is done without an elevated number of classic instruments, that are replaced by several screens of video, in which appear the data and the information that interest to the pilots in every moment.

In January of , Airbus has presented/displayed its new one superJumbo A380 with that it tries to compete against B747 of its American rival . One is the greater passenger airplane of the world, only surpassed in size by a Russian freighter, Antonov An-225. With a size of almost 71 xs 80 meters and 540 tons of maximum weight to the takeoff, have 2 plants for passage and one inferior warehouse of load; it can transport to more than 800 passengers in HD configuration. A freight-carrying version is anticipated.

In addition, a military airplane is in study, A400M, by means of which Airbus tries to introduce itself in the segment of the military aviation. A400M one will make in San Pablo, .

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