Gadus morhua


: Actinopterygii
: Gadiformes
: Gadidae
Linnaeus, 1758
: G. morhua
Binomial name
Gadus morhua

codfish common (Gadus morhua) she is one of near 60 species of a same family of migratory. It lives in cold seas of the north. Generally the codfish is of small size, although some units can get to reach the one hundred kilograms of weight with a size of to almost two meters. It is fed on other smaller fish, like .

The etimológico origin presents/displays certain doubts, although IT ABRADES to afir to me that it comes from the euskera bakailao, and this one as well of neerlandés bakeljauw, variant of kabeljauw, that it justifies cabillaud French, who talks about to the fresh codfish front to the dry one, morue. In fact, the name of Cabot, the navigator genovés, can that is not other people's to this etimología.

Uses of the codfish

The codfish is appreciated by its meat and by of his . Other eatable species include codfish, codfish of the Pacific and eglefino. This last one, in individual, has been esquilmado by the trawls the great ones boats factory.

The codfish also is object of abusive fishing in Atlantic north, where, from century XVI, they kill the European boats, specially in Newfoundland and Great Sun. The economic, social and cultural importance of this fishing is shown by numerous enfrentamientso between the powers by the control of the caladeros, that is the origin of the present system of International law of the sea, of the development of slumses of enormous importance, and many literary works.

The codfish can be consumed fresh or dry. This one last one allowed during centuries to numerous European continental populations to have proteinic reserves. In fact, many of the trips of the Iberian navigators would not have been possible without counting on this product.

Prescriptions exist numerosísimas to cook the codfish, grouping themselves in five great culinarias families: crude (esqueixadas, sushis), roasted (á live coal, to the vizcaina), with oil (pil-pil, á Braz), with cream of milk or mantequilla (com creams, conventual) and candy (to mel).


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