Juan Williams Rebolledo

Admiral Juan Williams Rebolledo

Juan Williams Rebolledo (Curacaví; - ; ) Sailor , commander of the square during the beginning of . Juan was son of the English sailor Williams, who had served in the Chilean Navy to the orders as Lord Thomas Cochrane, and Micaela Rebolledo.

It entered in to navy. After commanding several ships, in was designated to commander of the Arsenals and marine governor of Atacama. In became position of the Emerald, whose control participated in the war against Spain to half-full of the decade of . In this fight it carried out the combat of Papudo, of , product of which the Spanish cañoñera "Covadonga" it was catched.

In arrived at the House of Representatives in representation of Valparaiso and six years later it became municipal regidor of the port. In was named navy commander-in-chief.

When exploding the conflict of Chile against and in , was named Chilean naval commander-in-chief of a branch of the armed forces.

The plan of the government and Sotomayor space was to attack with the Chilean square the Peruvian that it was in repairs in the Callao. Williams tenaciously was against to this plan, proposing however a block of the Peruvian port of Iquique with the square. This gave time to arm the defenses of the Callao and to prepare the ships, when to the Chilean commander it changes to seem and it decides to attack the Peruvian port.

Mausoleo del Vicealmirante Juan Williams Rebolledo en el Cementerio General de Santiago (Comuna de Recoleta)
Mausoleo of the Vice-admiral Juan Williams Rebolledo in the General Cemetery of Santiago (Commune of Recoleta)

It leaves in charge of the blockade to "Emerald" and "Covadonga", ships that will fight the day with "Huascar" and "Independence" in naval Combate of Iquique and naval Combate of heavy end. The sacrifice of Prat and the triumph of Condell did that at the moment the opinion publishes almost did not give to account of the failure of the plan of Williams and the disaster that could cause.

Its fights with and with the general Right Arteaga (terrestrial commander), next to its incapacity to stop the actions of "Huáscar" by the Chilean coasts, it took it to present/display the resignation. It was replaced by the captain Galvarino Riveros Cardinal red.

After occupying diverse positions in navy, in acceded again to the separate military command. Nevertheless, when exploding the Civil War of 1891 presented/displayed the resignation and remained loyal to the government of Balmaceda.

Two years before passing away the vice-admiral degree was granted to him by special law.

It passed away in Santiago the 26 of June of 1910

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