Mortadelo and Filemón - the case of the codfish

Value and... to the bull! nº95 - the case of the codfish The machine of cambiazo?

Mortadelo and Filemón - The case of the codfish (Olé, nº 95) of Francisco Ibáñez
Year: 1993
Pages: 44

Somebody is giving codfish to all the retailers of the city, that they sell it to duro kilo, which is causing that people buy it to espuertas. The thirst extends by the city. Meanwhile, in the T.I.To, it is discovered that this has been work of Lucrecio Borgio, the king of Mafia, reason why Mortadelo and Filemón they will have to go to its guarida to discover that one hides after this apparent generosity.


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