Pollachius pollachius


: Actinopterygii
: Gadidae
Nilsson, 1832
Binomial name
Pollachius pollachius
(Linnaeus, 1758)

codfish (Pollachius pollachius) it is a fish of the family of gádidos. He is similar to codfish and it measures between 70 and 80 cm. It has the gray belly and the gray back verdosooscuro. He is habitual in gulf of Biscay and .

It is a thin fish (1% of lipids). It is sold in pieces, rodajas, fillets or whole number. Its similutud with bacalo does that often sold like so, in certain zones the codfish name is even considered synonymous of codfish.

In the Nordic countries it is put under to him a drying process, like to another similar fish of the same family, coal miner, in both cases they receive the name of klippfisch.

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