Varmaraf it is a company of termoelectricidad that it takes advantage of the advantageous situation that presents/displays Iceland when having an abundant source of due to his peculiar geologic characteristics. Thanks to the indefatigable investigativos efforts the company to be able to present/display thermoelectrial generators falsified to world-wide level.

Created in of by Guðlaugur Kristinn Óttarsson, Pétur Pétursson and Reynir Arngrímsson sharing a third of the actions, the group extended itself with the Dr. Þorsteinn Sigfusson in of balancing to a quarter by member, the distribution of actions.
The group was in charge of the subjects of , and towards end of , the company was established within the premises of Energy Reykjavík (the heating and supply company of electricity by means of geothermal water and cold water) and it had a New Business Venture Fund (Nýsköpunarsjóður Atvinnulífsins) like the main shareholder. The managing director of Varmaraf is the Dr. Árni Geirsson.

The personnel of Varmaraf consists of engineers with levels of doctorate and degree; the work is carried out in facilities rented to Institute of IceTec Technology, in where it is had an ideal atmosphere to seminaries, with the presence of a library and a community of experts in technical disciplines.

The primary target of Varmaraf is the development of heat exchangers fluido/fluido, having in account the geotermales applications and with excess of heat. In a plate of ordinary heat exchanger, a single metal leaf separates the hot and cold fluids. This leaf generally is corrugated for the turbulence induction that facilitates the heat transference in the region fluid-plate. In the conversion of thermal energy in electricity of solid state, a special heat exchanger is needed, which implies many challenges.

  • Instead of using a unique leaf for the separation of fluids, the heat needs to flow through a module of solid state with thermal conductivity limited and two metallic leaves. This implies that the flow must be very slow what means that there is a considerable difference of between the wall of the channel and the nucleus of the flow.
  • Many problems related to the modules of solid state make difficult the use of superficial for the induction of turbulence necessary for the heat interchange, which causes an increase in the manufacture costs and a subsequent increase in the volume of the devices.

But the design of the heat exchangers of Varmaraf surpasses of effective form these challenges maintaining under the costs.
Varmaraf bond of models to predict, to analyze and to save the performance of its heat exchangers.

The company also works in the development of devices for the storage of due to the importance of this gas like energy transporter. Certain of metals they have the property to absorb hydrogen when accommodating atoms of this gas within its structure , of this form can be stored more hydrogen of this form by volume unit that in form of liquid hydrogen. The great advantage of this system is that it is carried out a and safe temperatures unlike the state cryogenic or of high extreme compression.

The absorption and expulsion of hydrogen are obtained by means of the heating and cooling of the hydric one in a pressure chamber, where the hydric one has is expanded in a approximately flat form to facilitate its volumetric expansion.
The storage devices of hydrogen can be modified to work like heat pumps or hydrogen compressors. Of there the importance of the technology of Varmaraf.

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Development of Varmaraf

The company developed thermal element for the hydrogen laboratory in the Scientific Institute of University of Iceland, directed by Bragi Arnason, to turn water hydrogen.

3 of January of dumb Varamaraf its central seat located in Energy Reykjavík to settle in the facilities of the Institute of IceTec Technology, being facilitated the development of the investigations in the company thanks to that the facilities specially are designed for such effect.
Also in January of 2003, Varmaraf begins to work in a project next to Alpha Laval, company leader in the construction of heat exchangers, to investigate the feasibility of local generation of when using the temperature differences that the medio.ambiente of the heat exchanger offers.

3 of March Varmaraf and Power Chips Pic they sign a Memorando de Compromiso to manage to obtain a superior method of conversion of energy for geothermal applications, that the production of geothermal energy includes not only, but also a plant for the recovery of loss of heat, recovery of loss of industrial heat and applications in sailors. (for more information: HTTP://

Japan Steel Works, Ltd (JSW), the steel company , is united to Varmaraf for the development of the technology of the hydrogen, whose applications include the hydrogen storage, heat pumps, hydrogen compressors, among other things.

At the moment the company is in possession shared between Japanese Icelanders and.

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