.45 ACP STATES: ball with armoured warhead and ball with hollow head
.45 ACP STATES (Automatic Pistol Colt) are one of cartouche developed by John M. Browning for . Designation.45 returns to tenth of inches, which corresponds to a diameter of ball of 11,43mm. The metric designation of the ammunition is 11,43x23mm. This ammunition is especially employed with The United States where it constitutes a solid tradition. Many is confined for this ammunition like some .

Derived from .380 ACP STATES, it emanated from the request express of the American cavalry which had tested with the whole beginning of of the gauges of 9mm to replace its confined in .45 Colt (often named wrongly.45 long Colt). Colt and Browning worked in on a weapon barrack room in.41, are a gauge of approximately 10mm which they adapted in with.45 on the request express of the cavalry. The initial ammunition proposed a ball of 13 grams and an initial speed of 275 m/s then was quickly replaced by a ball of 15 grams having an initial speed of 260 m/s.

.45 ACP STATES thus have a heavy ball of weak swiftness. It presents a ratio between rather bad retreat and energy. Its high diameter limits the capacity of the weapons (it contains only 7 cartridges) and requires more resource of production in times of war.

Its moderate power has however the advantage of not causing a flame and of important detonation to the mouth of the weapon and limit the possibilities so that the ball crosses its target right through. It then transmits a maximum of energy to the target and presents less risk of touching another thing than the target. Its strong diameter increases the chances to perforate a vital body what results in a good pouvoir d'arr4et.

True American tradition, it is in concurence with which tends to be essential in the armies. The American army gave up the worthy one thus for during following what of many special units redotèrent themselves of weapons barrack rooms in.45 ACP STATES.

The characteristics of this ammunition variable according to the loadings and of the type of balls are employed. The standard muntion shows despite everything the following characteristics:

  • Ball: armoured warhead (FMJ - Full Metal Jacketed)
  • Metric designation: 11,43 X 23 mm
  • Weight of the ball: 15 grams
  • Weight of the cartridge: 21,5 grams
  • Initial speed: 260 m/s


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