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In the universe of , itInterstellar alliance (Interstellar Alliance, ISA) is an alliance of people and worlds of a part of the galaxy. They were dependent in the past in .




Interstellar Alliance (BOARD) is founded in December 2261 on the initiative of Delenn, ambassadress of the minbarie Federation on the station Babylon 5. Y immediately adhered the people members of .

In the context of the post-war period of the Shades, Delenn wished to benefit from the solidarity of weapons created by this conflict to reform the League and to give him wider objectives. The objective of the maintenance of the peace and the safety of the members dealt withAnla' shok (English Rangers).

The purpose of the project was also to reinstate it quickly outgoing of a civil war in the concert of the worlds, while proposing with the land government a technological support counters projections for the right of the human colonies to self-determination and for the opening of the Earth towards the other worlds.

The advisory council of the BOARD is then composed of Delenn, of the ambassadors centauri Londo Mollari and narn G' Kar. They elect the first president of Alliance, John Sheridan who had succeeded in linking the League during the war against the Shades.

First years

In its first years, Alliance had to face serious crises:

  • the problem of the installation of a colony the telepathic ones on Babylon 5, directed by called Byron,
  • the war counters Centauris after the discovery which floats to them of combat attacked of the civil vessels of the other people,
  • the attack of Drakhs against the Earth of which the atmosphere was contaminated by a mortal virus,
  • the removal of the son of president Sheridan and Delenn by Centauris a few years later.

President Sheridan assisted by his Delenn wife managed to overcome these crises, not without losses.

Finally, at the beginning of years 2280, the worlds of interstellar Alliance know peace: the Republic centaurie reinstated Alliance, the land population was saved and Drakhs pursued.

To become Alliance

Interstellar Alliance will last of the thousands of years and will continue with?uvrer for the relations of good agreement and co-operation between its members.

In spite of the introduction on Earth of a mode with XXVIIIe century and the preventive bombardment of this one by the BOARD, this last help in secrecy with the rebuilding thanks to Rangers.

Presidents of interstellar Alliance

The presidency of Alliance and the council of the worlds sit from 2263 with Tuzanor on planet Minbar. In 2262, on a purely transitory basis, the BOARD had rented the station Babylon 5 with land Alliance.


  • At the end of 2261: the last but one episode of the fourth season of the series "New Alliance" (Rising Star).
  • 2262: fifth season of the series.
  • 2263 to 2282: novels of the trilogy centaurie Legions of Fire by Peter David.
  • 2282: last episode of the series "the Paddle in the twilight" (Sleeping in Light).
  • After 2282: last episode of the fourth season "the collapse of a myth" (The Deconstruction of Falling Stars).
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