Argumentum AD Google

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Argumentum AD Google or argumentum AD Gogulum is a neologism indicating a standard nouveu born on the forums of discussion of the Fabric. It consists in discrediting an argument or an expression by considering that the absence or the low number of answers, after request on one like , attests necessarily its falseness. Conversely, it can consist in imposing a point of view while being based systematically on a great number of answers. By extension, this neologism indicates the systematic use of Googlematch to cross short to any discussion. argumentum AD Gogulum is a modern alternative ofargumentum AD populum, according to which a popular idea is inevitably true.

argumentum AD Googleis triple confusion, volunteer or not:

  • between the part and the whole: Google allows to index a part of the knowledge which is published on the Fabric. But what is indexed by Google is neither the totality of the Fabric, nor the totality of knowledge present in the world.
  • between quality and the quantity: one prefers the countdown of the answers to the evaluation of argumentative quality.
  • between information and reality: the information provided by Google would reflect reality without intermediary.

argumentum AD Google is similar to word of Gospel (if it is written in such or such book, it is that it is true).

The presence or the absence of a simple word or an expression on an unspecified support never influenced the validity of an idea.

Of course, any use of a search engine at the time of a discussion is not connected with this sophism: a research in Google for a given language thus reflects the way - good or bad - in which the majority of the active Net surfers (sites, forums) speaking such or such language have as a practice to be expressed. Research on Google can also make it possible to have a first idea of the range which has such or such thesis?uvre, convention.


  • the request " commit suicide in the Irish prisons "in did not give a bond on October 18, 2004, which would have made it possible to a sophist to conclude that this phenomenon did not exist on this date.

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