Caroline Otero

Caroline Otero, said "Beautiful Otero", is a singer and cabaret dancer and courtesan of the Beautiful Time, born in Spain August 26 1869 and died with Nice (The Alpes-Maritimes) it April 10 1965.


La Belle Otero.
Beautiful Otero.

Born in a miserable family from a small village from Galicia (or, according to other sources, with Barcelona), Caroline Otero is, one says, violated at ten years, what would have made it sterile, and driven out family house by his/her mother whereas it is yet only twelve years old. It began in the cabarets from Barcelona then came to Paris where it occurred with Large Véfour or with Circus of summer.

In 1890, it made a triumphal round with The United States. Returned in Paris in 1892, it from now on was launched, being made a speciality of the roles of beautiful foreign with Madnesses Shepherdess or with Theatre of Mathurins. It carried behaviours of sumptuous scenes, where the authentic jewels emphasized its centres, who were so famous that it is claimed that the cupolas ofCarlton hotel with Cannes had been based on their moulding! It made several rounds in Europe, in America and Russia.

It became the friend of Colette and one of the courtesans more for Beautiful Time, with Carmencita, Spanish like it, or Liana of Pougy, Cléo de Mérode and Émilienne d' Alençon. With Liana of Pougy, it maintained a noisy competition: " One remembers the idea that it had, to eclipse a rival, to appear one evening with the theatre in a bolero constellated with diamonds. But the woman whom it jalousait was Liana of Pougy. Informed exhibition which prepared, it arrived, arms, the neck, shoulders and hands absolutely naked. When it was in its cabin, who faced that of Caroline Otero, one could see that it was followed of his chambermaid carrying all her jewels. "(Andre de Fouquières).

It allured kings - Édouard VII of England, Léopold II of Belgium - Russian or English aristocrats (the duke of Westminster, the large-duke Nicolas of Russia), the financial ones, writers, like Gabriele d' Annunzio, ministers like Aristide Briand who was a long time his lover. It made turn many heads and was at the origin of several duels and six suicides.

During First World War, it occurred to support moral French soldiers. Then, in 1915, still beautiful and at the top of its glory, it took its retirement and settled with Nice where it was ruined in the casinos and died in 97 years forgotten and poor.



" Fortune comes while sleeping, but not while sleeping only. "
" A man who has an account at Cartier cannot be regarded as ugly. "

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