Christian Friedrich Heinecken

Christian Friedrich Heinecken (1721-1725) was a young person wonder German known under the name of Infant of Lübeck. He was the son of a professor of history at the university of Lübeck.

Equipped with an intelligence out of the commun run, it is affirmed that it spoke already little after its birth. At eight weeks, Christian expressed himself in elaborate German. His/her father taught him the name from the objects in presenting to him and pronouncing the words aloud.

In addition to its remarkable faculties for the numbers, it was claimed that Christian Heinecken knew at one year all the important évenements of Pentateuque. In less than one month, it could develop New will. At two years, it controlled the historical aspects of Bible and a year later, it had excellent general knowledge onhistory and geography. It could answer the questions carrying over all the times.

Intrigued by this genius which was interested in more in philosophy, people came from a little everywhere to meet it. The king of Denmark invited it at his court with Copenhagen in 1724 to ensure itself of the veracity of the facts reported about the Heinecken young person. It conversed with the entourage of the king in French and perfect Latin.

Unfortunately, the wonder had fragile health and had not been separated. The abrupt change of mode to the stop of breast feeding made it sick. It predicts its clean dead and died at the four years age.

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