Access control


Access control TV

Access control, embarked or then by module viainterface common, for the satellite television or by transmitters of television terrestrial, , in encrypted mode:

  • Viaccess (TPS, SSR, AB SAT, HRT, VIASAT, SVT) and its engine of interactivity OpenTV (TPS)
  • MediaGuard (Canal Plus group, AB SAT, Cyfra) and its engine of MediaHighway interactivity
  • Astoncrypt (chains emitted in Mediaguard)
  • Irdeto (Nova)
  • Cryptoworks (Viacom, JSTV)
  • Nagravision
  • Videoguard (Sky italia)
  • Skycrypt
  • Conax (DIGITAL Channel, Telenor)
  • Icecrypt
  • SatMessenger

Foot-note 1: for the methods are not known

Foot-note 2: The system of encoding itself (Viaccess, MediaGuard, Irdeto...) is different from the engines of interactivity which can be added (OpenTV for TPS, MédiaHighway for Canalsat for example). The latter bring interactive services on the numerical terminal (sporting plays, bets, posting of the summaries of the emissions in progress) and are generally available only on the terminals rented by the operators.

Foot-note 3: The module access control (or CAMWOOD or PCMCIA)est from now on available in "universal" (or almost), i.e. only one module can dialogue with several forms of confusions thanks to a software spécifique(?) and to restore thus, subject to intertion of la(1 only at the same time) up to date season ticket official, the understandable images, whatever the operator, ex Viaccess + Mediaguard + Conax + Irdeto etc, whereas before one needed a module by encoding. This module plugging in in the standardized port of the terminal is known under "Powercam" it is disputed by the company Viaccess SA which estimates that it carries damage to him.

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Access control in the companies

The French law obliges to differentiate it clearly access control with certain parts "sensitive" of a building to control presence employees in the company. The companies which enfreignent, inadvertently or by calculation, this rule of separation are each time condemned to heavy fines.

Access control to the information processing systems


The access control to data-processing resources is generally studied according to the rule AAA (Authentication Authorization Accounting):


This first phase consists in checking that the user corresponds well to the identity which seeks to be connected. Simplest here consists in checking an association between a password and an identifier, but of the more elaborate mechanisms the such smart cards can be used...


This phase consists in checking that the user now authenticated has the rights necessary to reach the system. It is sometimes confused with the preceding one on small systems, but on more important systems, a user can completely be authenticated (ex: member of the company) but not to have the privileges necessary to reach the system (ex: page reserved to the managers).


To fight against the usurpations of rights, it is desirable to follow the accesses to the significant data-processing resources (hour of connection, follow-up of the actions...).

See too

  • Liberty Alliance (in): this project tries to define a system of interworking between the protection systems of the type Web-SSO.
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