La pêche est une drupe typique
Fishing is a typical drupe

In , one drupe is one fleshy with core, like cherry, it, itolive or the micocoule (fruit of micocoulier). It results from an ovary with single, of the type "infère" not member. In the case of flowers to several carpelles free, one obtains a made up fruit or polydrupe, such blackberry bramble. It is in general indéhiscent (although the déhiscence is not necessary in the case of a fleshy fruit whose flesh breaks up quickly, releasing the core).

The drupes provide many edible fruits.


Structure of a drupe

The nut is a drupe whose pericarp is not edible

The drupe is characterized by one pericarp composed of a part charnue (the sarcocarpe) and of a sclerified part thus lasts (the sclérocarpe).

The first constitutes the flesh, part edible of these fruits, but not always: in the case of Juglandacées (like nut), the pericarp called "husk" is inedible. In the same way, the green envelope of the almond nest not edible.

The second, drifting of the endocarpe (the skin interns ) which becomes "osseous", sclerous or cartilagineux, form the wall of the core containing . In certain cases, the edible part is the seed (nut, )

When the endocarpe remains fleshy, one is obtained bay ( date is a bay in spite of its resemblance to olive).

According to the structure of the original ovary, one distinguishes from the drupes monospermes (the most general case) and from the drupes polyspermes (the "cherry" from is a drupe containing two cores).

Drupes made up or drupéoles

Certain fruits, formed of small multiples drupes, or "drupéoles" agglomerated, are polydrupes. It is the case of raspberries and of blackberries. In the case of the fruits of the kind Rubus (raspberries, blackberries of bramble), the fruit results from a single flower whose pistil is made of free multiples carpelles. Blackberries of mulberry tree, very resembling bramble blackberries are, on the other hand, resulting from compact in kittens, each drupéole being resulting from a different flower.

"coffee Cherries"

Example of drupes

Example of drupéoles

and is complex fruits, sometimes assimilated to made up drupes (drifting of several carpelles).


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