Gendarme (insect)

Gendarme (Pyrrhocoris apterus)
Traditional classification
Reign : Animalia
: Arthropoda
: Hexapoda
: Insecta
: Pterygota
: Neoptera
: Hemipteroidea
: Hemiptera
: Heteroptera
: Pyrrhocoridae
: Pyrrhocoris
Pyrrhocoris apterus
(Linnaeus, )
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gendarme, or "Switzerland", the "soldier", or "seek-midday" or "insect of fire", its scientific name Pyrrhocoris apterus (of the Greek ????(?), "red fire" and ?????, "bug"), is one insect hémiptère of Pyrrhocoridae.

It is of most common and most widespread: one meets it in of Europe and in the zone Mediterranean, until, everywhere except in . It misses however and is present only in some areas of the south of British Isles.



Its size is of approximately 10mm. cuticule present drawings in red and black evoking a mask of African style. The colour and the shape of the spots are conditioned by external elements: the extent of the black pigments for example is influenced by . Individuals brachyptères, even apterous are very frequent, but those equipped with long wings are unable to fly.

The origin of the name "gendarme" comes from his characteristic colors, pointing out the old uniforms of the gendarmes, who were red and black.


Gendarmes coupling itself

coupling place in April-May has and can last 30 hours.

The female lays a hundred?ufs in a small burrow which it dug for this purpose, or among the dead sheets. The?ufs gendarmes are black. Theirs , red or orange linked, is smaller than them imagoes and develop between June and October.

Way of life and food

It is a species gregarious forming very important groups sometimes on the trunk and with the foot of limes.

It is a species polyphagous, but primarily nourishing seeds of lime and of , also devouring them ?ufs other dead insects and insects.

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