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Rule of marble Héra, VE front century. J.- C.

In , Héra or Héré (in Ionian ???, in attic ???) is the woman and the s?ur of , girl of Titans Cronos and Rhéa, and mother ofArès, of, ofHébé and ofIlithyie.

Very beautiful and very gracious, it is not less irritable and capricious. Jealous, it often persecutes the mistresses of Zeus, and is also avenged by thwarting the intentions for her husband, causing interminable quarrels.

It is the goddess of and of the wives, protective of the couple, fruitfulness and the women in labour. Queen of the Sky as a wife of Zeus, it is also associated the celestial phenomena and the light.

During , it is, among the gods, most savage enemy of Troyens.

It corresponds to in .

Épiclèses, attributes & sanctuaries

  • Its attributes : the royal diadem and ;
  • Its favorite animals : peacock, cow ;
  • Homeric epithets :
    • ??? ?????????? / thea leukôlenos, "goddess with the white arms",
    • ?????? / boôpis, "with the eyes of cow, the large eyes",
    • ??????????? / chrysothronos, "with the gold throne";
  • Sanctuaries : especially in the austere cities, Argos, Mycenes, Sparte ;
  • Plays organized in its honor : Héraia.

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