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Léo Malet (7 March with Montpellier - 3 March with ) is one writer French.


Its life

Autodidact, it starts like chansonnier with Montmartre in . It carries out then various odd jobs: office worker, man?uvre, occasional journalist (Outwards, The insurrectionist, Newspaper of the Man to the Sandals, the Anarchistic Review, etc.), "negro", manager of store of mode, appear of , newspaper seller, packer (at Hatchet). , it parodies police literature Anglo-Saxon under multiple pseudonyms.

It writes poetry, pertaining of with with the group .

But it is in that it is put at detective novel with 120, street of the Station, putting in scene a detective about which one was going to speak: Nestor Burma. In the series, started in , of New Mysteries of Paris, where each enigma has as a decoration one of the districts of the capital, it shows a remarkable painter of the city, its atmosphere and its secrecies...

: first prize winner of great price of police literature.

: great price of black humour, for its series of New mysteries of Paris.


Nestor Burma

  • 120, street of the Station (1943)
  • Nestor Burma counters CQFD (1945)
  • The man with blue blood (1945)
  • Solution with the cemetery (1946)
  • Nestor Burma and the monster (1946)
  • The fifth process (1948)
  • Lead colics (1948)
  • Large plan of the stiff (1949)
  • Cardigans without handles (1949)
  • Direction cemetery (1951)
  • No the vein with hung (1952)
  • The sun is born behind the Louvre; NMP-1er (1954)
  • Kilometers of shrouds; NMP-2E (1955)
  • Fever in the Marsh; NMP-3E (1955)
  • The night of Saint-Germain-des-Prés; NMP-6E (1955) (Another title: The fir tree pushes in the cellars)
  • False friend (1955)
  • Rats of Montsouris; NMP-14E (1955)
  • Did you see me in corpse? ; NMP-10E (1956)
  • Bullfight with the Fields-Élysées; NMP-8E (1956)
  • No chatterers with the Dumb woman; NMP-16E (1956)
  • Fog with the bridge of Tolbiac; NMP-13E (1956)
  • Water disturb Javel; NMP-15E (15)
  • Boulevard... bones; NMP-9E (1957)
  • Breakage-pipe with the Nation; NMP-12E (1957)
  • Ugly intrigue in Boul' Mich'; NMP-5E (1957)
  • Rébecca street of the Rose trees; NMP-4E (1958)
  • Invading corpse of the plain Heap; NMP-17E (1959)
  • Nestor Burma on line (1962)
  • Nestor Burma returns to the fold (1967)
  • Funny of test for Nestor Burma (1968)
  • An undertaker's assistant named Nestor (1969)
  • Nestor Burma in the island (1970)
  • Nestor Burma short the headstock (1971)
  • Snows of Montmartre (1974)
  • The woman without child (1981)
  • Mourning in red (1981)
  • A new adventure of Nestor Burma (1982)
  • Postmaster address (1983)

NMP = New Mysteries of Paris. Series which walks the detective in different arondissements from Paris, districts indicated after indication NMP.

NB: Certain novels were adapted in by . The character of Burma inspired one with Commercial Guy.

Léo Malet also wrote other detective novels, of which some with the characters of Johnny Métal and Mike Rowland, but also of cloak and dagger novels, of black novels and of the collections of poetry.

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