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Oupeinpo, contraction oforto vroir of peinture Potentielle, was created in withinOr-X-Po in order to invent forms, constraints mathematical, logical or ludic able to support the work of the painters and more generally of the visual artists.




December 12, 1980 - "constituent" Meeting at François Lionnais, with Carelman and Thieri Foulc.

January 6, 1980 - "legislative" Meeting at François Lionnais, with the same ones.

January 14, 1981 - First ordinary meeting at François Lionnais, with the same ones, plus Aline Gagnaire and Jean Dewasne.

February 14, 1981 - Beginning of the monthly ordinary meetings, with the workshop of Carelman. Suzanne Allen attends title of critical witness to with it, the Cassette young ladies by way of objective witnesses.

June 14, 1985 - private Presentation of the first work of Oupeinpo to the workshop of Carelman.

June 1985 - First oupeinpienne publication: Morpholo, of Thieri Foulc, at the expense of Cymbalum Pataphysicum.

December 21, 1985 - Tristan Bastit between in Oupeinpo.

May 1989 - Exposure to the gallery of the University from Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), at the time of demonstrations devoted to the ` Pataphysique.

January 20, 1990 - Vanarsky Jack between in Oupeinpo.

February 20 - March 3, 1990 - Exposure to the arts centre Chiroux, Liege (Belgium).

April 1991 - Publication of the first collection of work oupeinpiens, Take guard with potential painting!, which will constitute, September 15 of the same year, the n° 21 of Monitoires of Cymbalum Pataphysicum.

May 1991 - Exposure to Chiostro di San Marco, Florence (Italy), at the time of the conference Attenzione Al potenziale!

June 12, 1991 - Presentation of work of Oupeinpo with Center George Pompidou, in Paris, within the framework of the spoken Review. Exposure until July 1.

October 8, 1991 - Presentation of the Table of the Hundred Flowers to the Godmother of Salt, Paris.

October 1992 - Presentation of work of Oupeinpo in Thionville (France), at the time of the conference Raymond Queneau. Exposure to the arts centre of the city. October 1993 - the First volume of the Library oupeinpienne, Plastic Forces, of Jean Dewasne (With the Pencil who kills, editor).

December 8, 1993 - Jean Dewasne, in his speech of reception withAcademy of the Art schools, under the cupola of the Conti quay, evokes Oupeinpo and its program for three centuries.

May 1996 - Exposure To Sophia Antipolis.

March 1997 - Exposure to the university of Poitiers. Publication of the collection New outlines on the restricted potentiality (Publications of the Unicorn).

October 12, 1997 - Presentation of recent work of Oupeinpo with a hundred and fifty hosts, "all of mark", in the workshop of Cristina Martinez. It is the occasion of a report which marks the beginning of the publication of a monthly bulletin, Meetings of Oupeinpo.

October 1998 - Publication ofOulipo Compendium (Press Atlas), presented in New York, before being it in London in March 1999. This important encyclopaedia devoted to comprises a section on Oupeinpo.

May 10, 1999 - collective Intervention, in company of Oulipo and other Or-X-Po, under the tipi of the George-Pompidou Center: it is a question of treating "potentially" the Payment of the Public Library of Information.

September 10, 1999 - Entry of Olivier O. Olivier and of Brian Reffin Smith in Oupeinpo.

October 12-15, 2000 - Exposure to Capri within the framework of the conference the regola 2nd questa and Premio Capri dell' Enigma. Setting in reading of the Hotel of Direction, of and Paul Fournel, with 28 "tables" carried out by Oupeinpo. Public tearing and Digraphage. Short speech on the Constraint against, by Thieri Foulc.

October 20 - November 9, 2000 - Resumption of the exposure of Capri to Artoteca Alliance, Bari (Italy).

March 23, 2002 - Entry of Guillaume Pô in Oupeinpo.

November-December 2002 - Publication of The Hotel of Direction, of Jacques Roubaud and Paul Fournel, with 41 tables by Oupeinpo (With the pencil which kills, editor). Presentation of the work and exposure to the bookshop Movements; setting in reading by on December 12 with Jussieu at the time one Thursday of Oulipo.

May 2003 - Seminar of with the CAMAC (Center of Art Marnay Art Center), in the Marnay-on-Seine (Paddle), the invitation of Franck Ténot and its Foundation. Presentation of work oupeinpiens. Service of art zombi, by Brian Reffin Smith. Pictée, by Carelman.

March 3, 2005 - Presentation of the work Potential in art within the framework of Thursdays of Oulipo.

March 2005 - retrospective Exposure to the Nicaise Bookshop in Paris.

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