Pierre Fleury

Pierre Fleury (1894-1976) is one physicist French.

Born in Alençon, Pierre Fleury makes his studies in Rennes and between withHigher teacher training school in 1916 (it is also received with the contest ofPolytechnic school). It is wounded during its participation in the combat of the Large war. It is received with the aggregation of physics in 1920 in the category mutilated, with Jean Cojan. In 1921 it begins a thesis at the laboratory from physics of the ENS under the direction fromHenri Abraham relating to the "Realization of a black body being able to be used as photometric standard". In 1926 it obtains a maitrise conference in Lille and is detached in Istanbul during two years. On its return it obtains the pulpit of general physics, succeeding Marcel Pauthenier, who had even replaced to him George Bruhat. It begins its research on colorimetry and is interested in the photoelectric cells. In 1936 it is named full professor with the pulpit of general Physics in its relationships to the Industry of CNAM, after y to have been part-time lecturer of metrology in 1932.

It is in 1940 that it joined itInstitute of optics. At the time of the German invasion, Institute of optics moved its laboratories in the VAr while the higher School of optics, Data base Pasteur, had been temporarily closed. The general manager ofInstitute of optics Charles Fabry having left with the laboratories, the Board of directors names Pierre Fleury delegate president in Paris. It thus takes care of reopening ofHigher school of optics.

With the Release, the laboratories go back to Paris. Charles Fabry dies at the end of 1945 and Pierre Fleury is then named general manager ofInstitute of optics and director ofHigher school of optics. During its mandate, until 1968, it organizes several international scientific meetings and creates International commission of optics. In 1947 he becomes secretary-general ofInternational union of physics pure and applied and develops the specialized commissions to with it. He is a also secretary-general of French company of physics, then president in 1952. He was member of French committee of physics, General conference of the weights and measures, French national committee of Lighting, International commission of Lighting as well as The international Council of the scientific unions

In 1966, it creates French company of physiological optics with Albert Arnulf, Yves The Large One and Andre Dubois-Poulsen,

It was moreover member of the Directory of CNRS and Commission of optics and molecular physics chair.

Pierre Fleury was a specialist in photometry, but it had a very great general knowledge of the physics whose its treaty testifies to general physics in 8 volumes drawn from the courses that it professed with CNAM.

Preceded by
Charles Fabry
Director ofHigher school of optics Follow-up by
Andre Maréchal

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