Treaty of Basle (July 22, 1795)

treaty of Basle, concluded it July 22 1795 (Thermidor 4 Year III) is a peace treaty betweenSpain and France.

After them armies of the French Republic, under the orders of Dugommier and Moncey, had invaded the north of Spain, Handbook Godoy y Alvarez de Faria, colonel and duke of Alcudia, who was a minister (Spanish) and the war had advised, had to be solved to conclude peace and was decorated for that from the title with Príncipe of Paz (prince of Peace).

By this treaty Spain, in compensation of the covering of the territories of the Pyrenees, to revolutionary France the Eastern part of Santo Domingo yielded ( Dominican Republic current). The Spanish authorities are obliged to evacuate the Dominican territory. The French colonization of the island of very whole Santo Domingo is official.

Only itEngland and itAustria remain then in war with France.


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