Ukraine International Airlines

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) (in "?????????? ????????? ??????? "(???) - to read: Mijnarodni Avialinïi Ukraïny) ( : ; : AUI) is one Ukrainian, based with .

Founded in , one year after independence, it was the first company with foreign mixed capital created in .

It was also the first company of with becoming full member ofAITA and the first to be used in the old one Soviet Union.

Float: 7 :

  • 3 Boeing 737-300 (UR-GAH, UR-GAL, UR-GAN)
  • 1 Boeing 737-400 (UR-GAM)
  • 2 Boeing 737-500 (UR-GAJ, UR-GAK)
  • 1 Boeing 737-200 (UR-GAC)

Composition of the capital: the founders of Ukraine International Airlines were respectively the Ukrainian Association of civil aviation and Guinness Peat Aviation (GPA) - a company of leasing of planes become Debis AirFinance Ireland plc. In , and Swissair (become SAir Group) became owners of 20 %, by investing 9 million dollars (USD) with equality. In , the European Bank for the rebuilding and the development ( BERD) invested 5,4 million dollars while becoming owner in his turn of a little less than 10 % of the shares. Cf. report/ratio of the site of the BERD: [ 1 ].

UIA serves, in direct flights, the large European cities, with more than 150 flights per week. In 2004, it opened lines towards and Tripoli (Libya). It also serves the interior lines bound for: , Donetsk, Zaporijjie and Simferopol.

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