Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin (????????????????? ????? ; born it 7 October with Leningrad) is one politician , chair Federation of Russia since .


Professional career

Vladimir Putin carries out studies of right to the university of Leningrad and obtains in its diploma with the mention very well, with a report on the policy of The United States in . The same year, it enters to The KGB, where it is affected with the First principal direction (PGU), in charge of the external information. Of with , it works in The German Democratic Republic : it is affected with Dresden in a unit in charge of the political and military information. After the dismantling of the installations of the KGB in Dresden, in , it returns to Leningrad in .

Political career

It is then named assistant of the vice-chancellor of the university of Leningrad, where it is occupied of the international relations. It works then as adviser near the president of the Council of the city. From , he is a president of the Committee for the relations foreign of the city (which is called from now on Saint-Pétersbourg). Its role mainly consists in attracting investors and developing collaboration with foreign partners.

It is only it , at the time of the putsch of Moscow, that it resigns officially of the KGB. Of with , he is first assistant of the mayor of Saint-Pétersbourg, Anatoli Sobtchak (which was its professor with the Faculty of Law). It resigns in , after the defeat of Anatoli Sobtchak to the local elections.

In August , it is named assistant of the director of the businesses of the Russian president, Boris Ieltsine. As from March , it one of is associated of the chief of the presidential administration (first assistant as from May ).

In July 1998, it is named director of FSB (federal Service of safety), which succeeded The KGB.

In begins one fulgurating rise, which will carry this apparatchik little known and rather dull appearance at the top of the capacity in Russia. In , it is named Prime Minister by Boris Ieltsine, who decided to make his successor of it. At the beginning of September, in reaction to terrorist operations allotted to Tchetchenes (but in which the responsibility for the FSB seems from now on probable), Vladimir Putin orders the resumption of the hostilities in Chetchnia. The release of second war of Chetchnia fact of him the politician most popular of Russia. , following the resignation of Boris Ieltsine, he becomes president by interim and is elected president it as of the first turn of the presidential election anticipated with 52,52 % of the votes. It officially takes up duties it 7 May.

Since then Vladimir Putin controls with an authoritative style contrasting with the preceding period of disorder, which seems to like a part of the Russian population, but associations of defense of humans right he reproach musèlement the serious media and failures the humans right as Chetchnia; they underline the swing towards an autocratic mode. Combined Westerners, Putin saw his position reinforced with the awakening of the importance of the fight against terrorism since with The United States and criticisms Western of the "action anti-terrorist" as Chetchnia are kill.

Russian economy, in crisis since the bankruptcy of the Soviet empire then the liquidation of the national heritage to the profit of the oligarchs under the government of Boris Ieltsine, leaves chaos little by little where it was. Vladimir Putin holds in particular with réfréner the influence of the great Russian groups born at the time of liberalization of the economy and their leaders, if necessary while going as far as making stop the latter.

It was re-elected triumphantly with the head of Russia in March 2004.


Vladimir Putin is in certain connections an atypical Russian leader. Relatively young person, it is an accomplished sportsman: it practises the Russian fight (sambo) and it since the 11 years age, plays tennis, made ski. It usually speaks it and it.

It is married with a woman and father of two girls. It has a datcha close to Moscow.

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