Wondefalls is one American in 13 45 minutes episodes, created by Bryan Fuller and Todd Holland and whose only four episodes were diffused between and it 1er April on the network . In , the series was diffused from on .



Jaye Tyler is young woman a 24 year old, disillusioned and narcissistic, saleswoman in a souvenir shop to the foot of . Its life is suddenly transformed when it discovers that objects are put to speak to him and councils intended give him to make the good around it.



  1. To go back some to the destiny (Wax Lion)
  2. The Last Word (Karma Chameleon)
  3. Crisis of belief (Wound-Up Penguin)
  4. Calamity Jaye (Pink Flamingos)
  5. Above the laws (Dog Crime)
  6. Stars déchues (Barrel Bear)
  7. The Employee of the month (Muffin Buffalo)
  8. Stories of love (Lovesick Ass)
  9. A question of survival (Safety Canary)
  10. The Return of married (Lying Pig)
  11. The nightmare continues (Bunny Cocktail)
  12. Elected (Totem Mole)
  13. It is only one goodbye (Caged Bird)


Created by Bryan Fuller, this series, to which heroin is rather close to that besides of , was stopped after one season. Only four episodes were diffused in the United States, causing the anger of many fans who launched a petition for the resumption of his diffusion.

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